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Removed started grow question 3 years ago
how often you guys change water in dwc?
17 weeks
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Week 4
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Green_Friends_Inc answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello Grz! The answer to this question varies greatly depending some basic DWC specifics and since I am unfamiliar with the nutrient line you use I will share explanation. Let me start by saying this *generally swap out to fresh 1-2x per week.* Now some things to think about... Personally I try to do entire runs with 0 swaps. For example my current DWC is over 50 days in with 0 swaps and I intend on going all the way! Here are the reasons I attribute to why: I use a "sterile" dwc solution / nutrient line which typically requires the least amount of swap out's. I pump much more oxygen (but not too much, have done that before also) then usually needed per bucket. My buckets stay cold to very cold - this is very important factor. Also I do not use "cleaner" enzyme products such as hydro-guard to neutralize the bad bacterias (ie root rot) because generally speaking I have little to no bacteria*** and when I the past I was concerned I used H2O2.

Now on the other end is "Bio-ponics". Using "all natural" raw and often living ingredient nutrients. This in theory is great but I've rarely seen it very successfully employed. It requires much attention, knowledge, and the most swap outs in DWC setting.
Finally I'd say 80-90% of nutrient lines fall into the middle category between the "bio" and the "sterile". Most nutrient lines used in DWC utilitize both natural (ie living beneficial bacterias and the sugars to feed them) and unnatural processed (ie "PGR"s) ingredients and therefore requires the second most swap out's: though this can still vary greatly depending on specific nutrient line.

*** This is because of having a high ORP measurement in "sterile" solution.

"The Power of ORP
Many of you may have heard of the term “killing power” before. This is a slang term used to define ORP. The killing power refers to a solution’s ability to, in essence, kill the micro-organisms inside that solution, causing a higher mV reading and an increased ORP.

Solutions that maintain a high ORP are considered to have high killing powers, which translates to a sterile environment. Drinking water, for example, should have a high ORP to reduce potential contaminants that can be detrimental to human health.

Another common reference to ORP that circulates in the industry, is how “dead” or “alive” your water is. Don’t let the verbiage in this reference scare you, however. Dead water is considered sterile and free of disease, with a low- to non-existent concentration of bacteria." --
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there @grzesiek it absolutely depends on the amount of nutrients (PPM) you are using and if you are using a reservoir assistance product like Hydro-guard (highly recommended). If you are not using a reservoir product then YOU MUST change the reservoir weekly or risk root rot stunting your growth. The higher the PPM the less time you should keep between reservoir swaps. This is due to a nutrient build up that causes the roots to lock up and be unable to take in oxygen let alone nutrients. I personally change my reservoir nutrients every 7 days with no exceptions this also REALLY helps keep lined up with your weekly nutrient changes. You can check out my grows to see possible results. Best of luck friend, Ill be checking back to see the results if you don't mind :sunglasses:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! In flowering every weeks. In veg from 7 to 15 days ad you can just add more nutrients in the water to keep the good level in veg :v::skin-tone-3::grin:
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Once a week, to follow a weekly feeding schedule and avoid any kind of issue. :facepunch:
IndicaRising answered grow question 3 years ago
I was changing my DWC units once a week until I started the scrog net. Since then I have just been topping it up when it gets down 2 liters. I don't see any negative changes in the ladies since then and it has been 4 weeks now topping then off. I use Advanced nutes and have had no issues whatsoever.
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey @grzesiek , .............. 6-8 days is too frequent ................. 9-10 days is average ................. 12-14 days is for sure necessary to change. hope this helps man ! :rocket: