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IndeKast started grow question 4 years ago
Hello growers.. I've a question about the colour of the leaves ( last pic). What could it be? Looks like magnesium deficiency but not sure.
5x unknown Indica's (CNNBS test)
21 weeks
5x unknown Indica's (CNNBS test) IndeKast
+4 strains
97 comments · 4 years ago
Week 12
Leaves. Veins - stay green
OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello ! Yes you are right, yellowing between veins and purple stems are the main signs of Magnesium def and they can be seen on your plant. Increase your cal mag amount and it will be ok :v::skin-tone-3:
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes, textbook mg deficiency. You know, once the flowers have formed (3d or 4th week or flower) switch from cal mag to a magnesium / sulfur additive, like epsom salts.
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey @indekast , yeah you absolutely got the start of a magnesium deficiency you can tell from the yellowing in between the veins eventually spreading to the rest of the leaf. you know what to do but : up the cal mag, lower the PH to 5.9, and they will recover in a week or less, hope this helps bro ! :rocket: