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yungchrist59 started grow question 4 years ago
The BD stayed short and I also think it produces the buds slowly. The big plant is still on veg but if not an auto like the other ones then it surely is female. How much should I water them and should I use the nutrients again? Also what lamp height(125W CLF)? Am I close to flush
Week 10
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey YungC so usually most plants will develop their flowers at different rates and speeds too. I think many things can affect this like the light placement and distance giving it higher intensity in one spot versus another. Some people such as Ed Rosenthal mentions how we occasionally have to harvest a plant in section in order to get the whole plant to mature.
In answer to flushing and watering, your plants still have a lot of white pistils so I would suggest you continue feeding them, with water often the bigger a plant is the more it drinks, so i would just try to water the soil evenly and then watch for how quickly it dries and that should give you an idea to how much the plants are consuming. I wouldn't stop feeding until you see more pistils discolor and curl in and then trichromes swell and change.
With the cfls they can still remain pretty close, I think 4-8 inches, if you can have many bulbs surrounding the plants that's preferable to a couple strong ones on top.
I hope this helps some, good luck with the flowering and harvesting. :v: