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TheBigMacAttack started grow question 2 years ago
As I mentioned above, I will need to harvest around the end of week 13 with just shy of 8 weeks of flowering. Just from seeing how the buds have developed so far, how much will the quality/quantity of the final product suffer from harvesting that early?
Northern Lights Auto - First Grow
14 weeks
Northern Lights Auto - First Grow TheBigMacAttack
Northern Lights Auto
3 comments · 2 years ago
Week 10
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DasBoof answered grow question 2 years ago
Interesting question bigmac! See I harvest mine when they are 100% cloudy and as few Ambers as that allows ... That's because peak thc potency is when trichomes are cloudy, Amber means they are oxidized/rusted so they contain CBD/CBN/CBxes etc ... In the end it's a matter of taste because those Ambers are still medical but different than the thc ... The plant's stopped growing, same for the flowers, you won't loose yield or quality harvesting them at any point in time at all, in my opinion. I can garantee you that with 40% of Amber trichomes you're gonna get absolutely floored when you smoke it . Hope this helps ! :rocket:
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 2 years ago
Simple answer to your question. It will suffer quite a bit. You want as little clear trichomes as you can get. You want the cloudy ones. A week or so is worth the wait!
DILLIGAF answered grow question 2 years ago
@TheBigMacAttack Hi mate 8 weeks should be pretty good for the Northern lights as it's not a long flowering strain I see in your comments you are worried about nitrogen deficiency I would not be worried mate as your plants will need very little in the way of nitrogen from now on They will be hunting for more Phosphorus and potassium to make those buds bigger. You could try a technique that is unproven but has sound theories that
if you reduce the lighting time from 12/12 to 10/14 the plants can possibly speed up their maturation thinking
winter is fast approaching. I't is worth atry if you are concerned your ladies will not be ready in time for the Planned harvest I hope I have been able to help you today and Good luck with the harvest