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MonkeyMan99 started grow question 3 years ago
Any ideas on why my girl is so small. Also, looks like flowering or pre-flowering. Looks extremely way to small to be flowering already.
LSD Round Two
7 weeks
LSD Round Two MonkeyMan99
LSD-25 Auto
11 comments · 3 years ago
Week 4
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Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @MonkeyMan99! Sorry to hear this... Shit happens, but there are some factors to prevent such disasters. First, did you proceed to seedling selection? It is very important to compare seedlings growth and strength, you can have 2 different phenos from the same genetic / same breeder, showing huge differences and results. Look at my AK420 diary or my THCBomb diary, I've had 2 very different seedlings so I did proceed to selection (killing the slowest ones) in order to move forward with only strong phenos. From my experience it is even more important with autos. Secondly, your environment in certainly involved, pinkish lights usually don't have the ideal spectrum for vigorous growth, personally I've changed my pinkish COBs for a white full spectrum (quantum boards 3500K), light is more than essential and if you can invest in only 1 thing this year, invest in a good light, your babies will thank you for this with big frosty flowers. Thirdly, something is probably wrong with your medium and/or your watering/feeding routine. In a rich medium, autos don't need anything but root-stimulator for the 2~3 first weeks. From what I read on your diary, you've been using FoxFarmNutrients which are highly concentrated / very rich, you probably overfed her with too much Nitrogen (dark foliage) and did not apply a wet/dry cycle. May I ask about your medium/soil, what's the brand, what's the NPK ratio? Is it re-used soil or brand new bag? Finally, I do not recommend LST on autos unless they're having a vigorous growth, and never bend the stems too much, take it easy or you will stunt her. Most of my autos had better results with a simple TOPping/FIMming surgery and very slight stem-bending to expand the plant a bit. There's no magic trick to get a monster crop with an autoflowering strain, but only a combination of good care/love, I'm confident you'll have a bigger plant next time. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Ok that is super weird to get a micro plant like that but sometimes it happens, from what I have read from your grow you did everything fine except for adding nutrients a bit early in her life cycle which have the consequence to makes her have a dark green foliage but nothing harmful and generally a N excess lead to a slow grow and a longer veg which is not your case as she is already flowering. Yes you are right the plant is pre flowering and we can clearly see in the pictures that the main stem is starting to pack like a bud and I can also spot pistils , in your case the fact that she is in pre flowering makes me think that she is going to stretch a bit more so let's hope it will be a x2 or x3 stretch to help with the final Yield . When you take a look at the other LSD 25 diaries you can see that it is a quick flowering strain. If you have enough space I recommend you to pop another seed to make the balance with the yield:blush::+1: