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Tryingtogroweasydude started grow question 4 years ago
First time grow Is Amnesia haze auto small slow growth as it’s on a 12/12 cycle?

At this point should I be watering of all the leaves and bud sites or only water pots?

Should I flush with water only at this point?

Explode should I still use it or other bloom?
Week 10
Leaves. Too few
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey there man, you dont want to lollipop at this stage, that train has basically left the station at this point, you could take off some of the flower nodes lower down the branches but even this will just end up hurting your yield. You do want to get that temperature as close to 25°C as possible during the "day", and keep that humidity between 40 to 50% . Certainly do not artificially raise it through misting as this could kickstart problems like bud rot and might even slow down the grow , the transplanting itself was unecessary stress, it's gonna take a while now, with very little progress, but you just got to follow their cycle and keep up that's it, keep feeding for at least another couple weeks if not more.
souljasam answered grow question 4 years ago
Do not water the buds and leaves! It is not needed and can actually cause mold if you water the buds and the water stays in them. As far as slow auto growth goes, it is 100% because they are under 12/12 lighting. Autos typically grow and mature faster than photos but only under longer light schedules. I use 20/4 the whole grow for autos personally. Don't bother flushing at all there's not really much of a point. There was a recent study done that showed flushing only reduced total nutrient content in the buds by less than 5%. If you want a good smooth and tasty smoke make sure to get the dry and cure right. If you do plan to flush don't start it until like 5-7 days before harvest, but again its more or less pointless and hurts yields a bit. Make sure you have a jewelers loupe or a microscope to check trichs to see when to harvest.
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi @tryingtogroweasydude! Well, the 12/12 cycle is known to have an impact on auto's yields, basically this leads to less bud sites and can also prevent buds from fattening as they usually do. Don't spray anything on your leaves&buds, you don't want to risk having mold/mildew/bud-rot. Just feed/water in the container and try to follow a wet/dry cycle, roots should never be wet for too long neither than dry for too long. At this stage you should keep on feeding with P+K until 7-14 days before harvest. You still have a few weeks to go. You can use Explode until the final flush week, see the chart above: Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing! :facepunch: