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Pixsna started grow question 5 years ago
I was reading alot about wattering the plants that grow in aipots. do you have any tips on wattering?it can get pretty messy. how often do you watter them?when twice per day, always with nutrients? are u sattisfied with airpots?was there any difference in yield?
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey there so the air pots are alright, they function the same as many other air pruning pots, however they are one of the few who has such a tall and small diameter making them top heavy. I think a wider pot is better because of all the fibrous branching roots vs the 1 tap root. Regarding water if you want there to be the most perfect and even watering I'd suggest looking into a blumat, you can add nutrients and they're powered by gravity no electricity. Otherwise, i noticed my 1 gallon pots need watering almost every day once the plants have gotten decent sized they drink alot and the air dries the pot some too. Probably alternating the nutrient and plain water is a good way, unless you're feeding such a small amount that each watering is most likely alright also.
Good luck with the grow. :v:
souljasam answered grow question 5 years ago
I just got airpots when I started my current grow. When I placed the medium in the pots I made sure to smash it into the bottom and sidewalls to make sure it filled all the gaps. Doing this made it so that the coco near the holes was a bit more compacted and less likely to get displaced. On top of that, I also made the soil on top a little concave. So when you look at the top of my coco you see its a bit higher around the edges than it is in the center. This creates a bit of a reservoir That stops the water from wanting to rush out the side holes near the top. I also made sure to fill it with coco almost all the way to the top to utilize the 2 rows at the top that don't have holes so they can hold the water in better without it just pushing coco out that first row with holes.
CANNASIM answered grow question 5 years ago
1- You may dress up your airpots with pantyhose, this helps with the water squirts, material that come out of the holes and you avoid ocasional bugs getting in. I use something to keep the runoff in a plastic plate, then discard it. 2-Water practice depends on your medium, root mass and plant size, usually every other day(in peat perlite soilless), stick your finger in the soil to feel how moist it is. 3- Feed > Water schedule always work, now I'm trying constant feed respecting the EC, no problems there, you must keep an eye in the leafs if they start burning reduce the dosage, if is too pale increase, you can check the runoff to see how the soil ph an ec are doing. 4- The airpots behave similar to net pots, but they are easier to manage, both are a better choice then regular pots, so you see fast growth and avoid the root choking and circling. Good luck! happy growing!
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 5 years ago
Hello Pixsna. Yes watering is always a big theme. Its nice you have chosen the Airpots. Your plant will do very nice roots in the Airpot by doing an " aircut" that means the roots peep out of the holes and "see" oh there is just air. They dont grow outside the holes and the rootball get the impulse to createmore roots in another direction. This way roots are everywhere in the pot. They are webbing very nice. And if you have nice roots , means you get nice Flowers. Healthy and a lot roots can feed a lot of flowers............ Ok back to the watering. the best is to weigh your pots on a scale or lift them when they are dry.write down the weigh or save the feeling of potlifting. how heavy is the pot dry. then start watering with one cup water. and dont water again until you each the weigh of the "dry pot"................................................................................................................
The cup of water will be enough to 3-4 days. after a while you can double the water amount to last 3-4 days..... and so on. And its always better , to give them less water.
Watering in airpots can be tricky, always be patient and give small amounts in once until your cup is empty
OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
Not ince a day or any kind of roitine likec this one , you need lift the pot when itvis dry and remember the weight then water and lift the pot when it is heavy and remember the weight: now you will water each time your pot have the light weight . Not always with nutrients , 1 watering with and one or 2 without and repeat. The only thing I'm sure about is that you should not let the soil be too dry because the water will run off by the holes :blush: