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TheNaturalist started grow question 3 years ago
Around what time during veg should I be super cropping for a 11 week grow?
First Grow w/ Bubba Kush
10 weeks
First Grow w/ Bubba Kush TheNaturalist
Bubba Kush
16 comments · 3 years ago
Week 4
Techniques. Defoliation
DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
super cropping for an 11 week grow is going to be impossible i'm afraid. supercropping itself will add at least a week of veg from this point , so unless you think this plant flowers in 6 weeks, you're beyond the mark. Why not flip her now, as she already looks great, two/three days of darkness then the 12/12 to make sure she knows it's time. you're on a tight schedule so you dont really want the plant to be confused about when to start flowering. or maybe just supercrop now and flip right away... but it's gonna be tough the 11 weeks... sorry for the bad news, but such is the truth ... hope this helps ! :rocket:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
You do it before you go to flower and after topping multiple, as soon as you are satisfied with the shape and the Numer of colas on your Plant