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Greenlanka started grow question 3 years ago
I jus wanted to know , if I should feed my plants nutrients every watering till flush before harvest, or how many times a week? Or every other watering ? Thanks and keep green.
First ever grow
17 weeks
First ever grow Greenlanka
Purple Chem
13 comments · 3 years ago
Week 11
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there, so i have a few friends who really push the flowering nutrients to the max in the late flower and bulk it up as much as possible and that works for them. Me personally I try to stay on the lower end of doses and stand by the idea that most of the time Less is More. I think doing every other day(or every other watering) is more than enough to give them what they need without adding so much excess you'll just have to flush out later. I've found many nutrients and their companies also recommend the every other watering plan too. Plus a lot of the finishing products like bud candy etc are mostly just packing in some extra sugars like molasses and some vitamins or humic/fulvic acids...slowly eliminate the heavier nutrients and it should be a nice easy flush.:v:
TheIceCreamParlour answered grow question 3 years ago
My top tip would be to check your run off PPM/EC and PH. Each strain will prefer a slightly different feed schedule. I'm doing the same now with my Haze Berry. They are thirsty for water but not nutrients so I'm only giving them 1.0EC each feed and checking the EC at run off. I watered them Friday and checked the EC at 2.0 which means they aren't taking the nutrients in. I've fed them 5.8ph water only and the run off is now 1.6. I'll probably give them water once more until that run off figure gets to >1.4 then go back to feeding nutes at 1.0 EC. Hope this helps.