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brutal_bub started grow question 3 years ago
Alright - I need to know, is it time to harvest or close to? I have some photos in my diary that show some dark amber trichomes, a fair bit I'd say.
Week 10
Techniques. Defoliation
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey B so i notice with my plants i see ambers pop up on my sugar leaves much sooner than my budsites. When the resin glands develop those bulbous tops like in your 1st photo that's a good sign harvest is near. If you're seeing mostly all with round tops and they have a milky color you're good to harvest any time now. It's really just preference. Ed Rosenthal says anything past bulbous and clear you're losing thc...i don't see it that way because i like a little thc degradation from the milky/ambers it gives a little less risk of panicky weed.
Another good sign to watch for is the pistils swelling and then discoloring and curling in, i think if you have like 60% changing along with the trichrome change you're ready to chop. Have fun with the trimming :v:
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there Brutal bub!! It definitely close to harvest it's hard to say it its time to harvest now or in a couple days from the pics. If you have one use a microscope to look at the trich's on a calyx. The trichomes on the sugar leaves tend to mature a little faster than the rest. From the pics I would guess a couple days to a week but like I said earlier its hard to tell with just the trichs on a sugar leaf from the pic. but it does kinda look like the Trichomes on the calyx's are fairly cloudy if I'm seeing it right So you are deff. nearing harvest. Just check them in a few different spots look for them to be as much cloudy/milky as you can and if you want let some amber in there as well. I tend to try harvesting at a few different stages when its a strain i have not grown before to see what Smoke I like the best. For example cut some down with like 90-95%cloudy/milky with the rest being on the clear side, then i will cut some when its as close to 100% cloudy/milky and then last is 70-75% cloudy/milky an 25-30% amber it can make a big difference in the strain's smoke:+1: Don't be afraid to play around:blush: Happy Growing!!!