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Karatay_Tohumu started grow question 3 years ago
Now I discovered Seeds in the last days. dont know which plant got male parts and pollinated the others. Just in Week 6 I discovered seeds. it must happened in Week 4 or 5... plan to harvest in 2 weeks. Could not find bananas strange
15 weeks
INDICA DR3AM Karatay_Tohumu
+3 strains
1 comment · 3 years ago
Week 14
Other. Bugs
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
When you cannot find bananas that could mean 2 things. 1st It could mean that she turned hermie on late flowering and sometimes the bananas are stuck/prisoners from the buds so you can barely see them. 2nd Your plant is an hermie since day one but your hermie is so mostly female that it was impossible for you to spot the few bananas that were popping. If you harvest in 2 weeks then you seeds will be "viable" , I mean they will be mature and will be able to sprout.