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Ga4rd2en0er started grow question 3 years ago
Please take a look at the last photo of week 10, the close up of a cola. Does this appear to be the start of a K deficiency? There is tip burn on some of the plant as well. Refer to my notes with watering issues for past 2 weeks. All nutes listed ph ppm are correct. Thanks!!
Week 10
Leaves. Edges burnt
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
Brother you plants look perfect. You've got some kick ass budding going on there. It looks like you have the start of some light burn. If you notice its the sugar leaves closest to the light. With LEDS lights directly under the middle of the light is the strongest. You can either back off your light a bit or try rearranging themso the taller ones are to the sides or back. Looks like you only have 2-3 weeks till harvest you should be good. Good luck.