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NorthernKnight started grow question 5 years ago
can anyone please give inputt on if its finished or not please
Cheeses auto
4 weeks
Cheeses auto NorthernKnight
Auto Cheese
7 comments · 5 years ago
Week 8
Techniques. Defoliation
Jeff123fish answered grow question 5 years ago
It looks flushed but I think the flush was mid-timed as she still needs another week or two so the calaxes have time to swell and pistols brown out
Experimentgreen answered grow question 5 years ago
I agree that she certainly appears ready if you base it off all of her leaves yellowing and reaching their end. However I too saw some fairly white pistils on the top of a couple buds, either those could ripen over a few days, or you can examine her trichromes more closely, if you see that there nearly aren't any glassy one, just the majority are milky maybe with some amber thrown in (0-20%) I think she would be safe to cut down.
DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 5 years ago
You can definitely harvest now. But it also looks like you could wait another week. I like to see more of the white hairs curl in and turn reddish orange. But at this stage it’s a matter of personal preference. She looks great btw!
FlavoursUk answered grow question 5 years ago

In all honesty I’m seeing a lot of white hairs still. General rule would be wait until 80% of pistils have turned brown/red (depending on strains) before considering it as mature. But a more accurate way would be the trichomes. I’m seeing few clear and cloudy from your pics. I’d wait till a least 80% cloudy/milky and 20% amber for best results/product. Can vary on what type of high you’re looking for. One thing to remember, if you think it looks ready.. give it another week. You have a 3 week harvest window so you’ll be fine. I’d wait for the 80% milky/cloudy and 20% amber. Hope this helps you. I’d give it another week or 2 at least.