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IndeKast started grow question 4 years ago
When to switch to 12/12? The plants are about 10 to 15 cm (4-6inch) I know they gonna explode when going into flowering, but I have not a lot of space. The lights can go up for another 35 cm (14inch). Thinking about waiting when they are 20 cm (7.8inch). What do you think?
5x unknown Indica's (CNNBS test)
21 weeks
5x unknown Indica's (CNNBS test) IndeKast
+4 strains
97 comments · 4 years ago
Week 6
Techniques. Defoliation
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
I would switch as soon as you see preflowers. Better be on the safe side. I do micro growing too and have experienced major stretching.
The_Projexx answered grow question 4 years ago
I would still wait , based on what i see in your pictures your plants can go for another little bit in veg . I would only think about switching them ones you see your calyx with hairs stick out form this is what we call pre flower and that means your plant is displaying signs that its mature enough to start flowering . That don't mean you can't do it now but its always better to be patient and wait until the plants are ready :) I hope this info helps you a little bit in understand when you should be thinking about switching your light schedule to 12-12 . -Happy Growing!