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Strife957 started grow question 3 years ago
I have a question, and it seems dumb
But: Am i using the net correctly?
My girls are just poking through.
Im tring to keep them under the light.

Should i snap em to keep them under the net ?
(their stems are like celery sticks)

Or will they eventually get themselves stuck
Lucky Ladies
16 weeks
Lucky Ladies Strife957
Cali OG Kush
4 comments · 2 years ago
Week 14
Techniques. Defoliation
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
The net is kind of pointless outdoors, since the sun is equally strong from top to bottom of the plant. Anyway, you are supposed to weave the stems, keeping the growth horizontal, so all bud sites are at the same height; I guess you could try some super cropping, but i'm not sure if the stems are pliabke enough at net level, you could break the stem