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heyitsmeyou started grow question 2 years ago
Ive never had a seedling stretch like this. Ive tried all different lighting with various strengths. Any thoughts?
Candy Cream Fem
7 weeks
Candy Cream Fem heyitsmeyou
Candy cream
6 comments · 2 years ago
Week 2
Other. Harvest - Drying
DasBoof answered grow question 2 years ago
hey there Meyou, have you at with your LEDs you should be at around 8 inches in terms of lamp to plant distance, it seems close but that's just how it is . Put it there then keep it there and the stretch should tapper off and the plant should open up nicely. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
Cannibalgardens answered grow question 2 years ago
Windows naturally cause this stretch even with 8+ hours of light .any excessive distance and you've tried to fix this..have you grown this strain before ?prone to stretch? I'd say genetics to be honest just try tying her down now a little bit at a time over the next week every day a bit more..this would end that stretch I would believe .Hopevthis helps cheers from Canada ...