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michealangelo started grow question 2 years ago
i am trying to cure with "500g 16oz 1lb Kraft Paper Stand up Zipper Pouches Coffee Bags Coffee Pouches with Valve" and also throw a Boveda 62% RH 67 Gram in each bag after 5 days of drying [email protected]% . do you recommend this? or would you recommend a different method of curing.
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DissNoof answered grow question 2 years ago
Your paper bag method is actually the best way because it allows the air that's saturated with whatever chemicals evaporate off the buds to circulate and dissipate and that's really necessary for an effective cure. Great work , you're good ! Hope this helps ! :rocket:
DILLIGAF answered grow question 2 years ago
@Michealangelo Hi mate curing and storing your buds in plastic bags or containers isn't the best for your buds also
you will lose a lot of valuable trichomes which will stick to the bags.
Glass mason jars and boveda 62% packs have long been considered the best way to cure with a daily opening of the lid to burp (refresh the air) every day Also keep your curing buds away from hot areas and in the dark I hope I was able to provide a solution Good luck
MaryJaneUSA answered grow question 2 years ago
Any bags that are light proof and well sealed, especially with a boveda pack, it will work. Really, the idea of curing a product is so that it gets the best environment it needs and you can fully control it. Again, especially with a boveda pack. No light because it can degrade the product. Just like certain IV meds, light can degrade them and make them less effective.