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Danor started grow question 2 years ago
How long boys, sorry for bad photo
Gorilla Glue Auto (Czech)
5 weeks
Gorilla Glue Auto (Czech) Danor
Gorilla Glue Autoflower (Fair Seeds)
4 comments · 2 years ago
Week 11
Other. Bugs
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 2 years ago
Hi , iam a Gir but iam gonna answer too^^ ( joke)... well its hard to say on the gorilla glue, because the hairs dont get really brown on that strain, they stay very lightgreen" so you got to look for trichomes, and look how the plant looks like, does the green leaves chanig colour ( i cant see them because you took them away) does she produce sugar=? hows the smell? as its a autofloer i think she ends soon, it belongs to the growconditions like temperature. Well iwould go with 10-12 days longer... and chek trichomes before you harvest.
The_Projexx answered grow question 2 years ago
So basically in order to get the exact day you wanna harvest your going to need some tools . Either a portable microscope or some micro lenses for your smart phone . You can get a micro lense from places such as wal mart , amazon , camera stores and for the portable microscope you can go to amazon or your local garden shop for that they are common . Now moving on to the actual question. It's a matter of preference . But to get top shelf stuff I usually go 1 or 2 weeks past the breeders recommendations sometimes longer . The plant will tell you when shes near ready . Leaves will start turning yellow for seemingly nothing , buds will stop swelling , no new pistols will form up there are lots of signs that you're close . But without certain tools it's hard to give a precise day . I hope this info serves you well on your journey ! Happy Growing!
OutForReal answered grow question 2 years ago
You are growing an autoflowering strain outdoor , your flowering time will be extended compared to an indoor grower so you should check the breeder's recommendations as they usually mentioned the indoor and outdoor flowering time and generally you can fairly add extra week or 2 ( sometimes more for the sativa dominants ). Now if you want to know exactly when to cut to have the best effect then you should afford a magnifier and search for the trichomes ratio that fit with your needs ( high / stone or a bit of both ). My personal feeling is that your plant is not ready yet and if I was in tour shoes I would have let her 3 to 4 more week with an extra PK feeding.
Cannibalgardens answered grow question 2 years ago
Hey brother you must be getting anxious trying to wait and try the fruits of your labour ?as always you'll get the same answer pretty much 3-4 times those trichomes are always the best bet and with a jewelers loup , I have a one that is 100x and has a light but always hard on the eyes.. if you got money buy a microscope one that can usb to a computer .. also has a vast amount of useful info ..cheers .
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 2 years ago
Hey danor the only reliable way is to monitor your trichomes with a 30x or better 60x magnifying glass. You want to harvest with the highest percentage of cloudy milky trichomes as possible. Clear trichs=not ready. cloudy=reaching maximum thc level. amber= too late your thc is converting to cbd and other less desirable compounds. If you cannot get a magnifying glass then you are usually safe to harvest when about 80% of your hairs are brown. Should give you some nice smoke ! Hope this helps.
NekoSama answered grow question 2 years ago
Hard to say without checking trichs but I'd say a week or two tops.
Get a Jewelers loupe or a small handheld microscope that can do 60-100x and check the trichs. Depending on what you want, I'd go for 90% milky/cloudy and 10% Amber.
Good luck on the finish!
Happy growin' y'all!