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Andreskaja started grow question 2 weeks ago
Hello, I am quite worried, my two feminized ones are getting many spots and some yellowish leaves and I tried an insecticide with neem boom flour and potassium soap and nothing last year, I could not convate the pests.
ps: ph 6 outdoors for 6 5 weeks
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Tupinamba420 answered grow question 1 week ago
It seems that the leaves were attacked by insects inside (due to their path marks on the leaves). I suggest spraying neem oil and mixing Bokashi on the ground to form a defense system for it. Don't give up, she'll get over it!!
Chow_13 answered grow question 1 week ago
Looks like over feeding in all pictures. But pictures 2 and 3 it looks like "leaf miner" damage but the bug is long gone and most likely dead ( new damage is white lines where you have brown lines).
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 1 week ago
Andreskaja... you STILL haven't started a diary - and you STILL are coming to us with questions. We can't answer questions without information! You do NOT have a pest problem - there's something going wrong with your nute program - but since we don't have information, we can't tell you! All you're going to get here are guesses - they may be wrong, they may be right - you'll have to guess.
Dgessy answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Hello friend, it looks like over-fattening, have you ever put fertilizer on? And does your soil look very dry, doesn't it? Happy Continuation :crossed_fingers: