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AlienFingerRSA started grow question 1 week ago
2 Problems :
- My tent is filling up pretty quickly and I'm concerned about burning my plants.
- I have also defoliated quite a bit, everything below the 3rd node of each branch - humidity still not reaching 50-60% humidity range

Any Suggestions?
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First White Widow Grow AlienFingerRSA
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AlienFingerRSA answered grow question 6 days ago
Thanks guys for the feedback, but I have added a second fan, and I don't have much drop.

I've set my light as high as it can possibly go with fan a couple of millimeters (sorry to my American growers) to give it enough room to swivel without touching the light and get it as high as possible above the canopy.

Hashy answered grow question 1 week ago
Looking at your plant it looks fine. I wouldn't remove anymore leaves for a while, you have plenty of air flow around and through the plants as it is so you won't need to worry to much about the high RH. lower the humidity in the room your tent is in will then lower the Humidity of the tent. It should be at the end of its stretch so it won't get much taller, if your concerned some of the colas may be to close to the light you can bend them 90 deg.
Chow_13 answered grow question 1 week ago
Looking good to me, Your well into flower and the strech should be finishing off. They might get a bit taller but not much now.
You should be shooting for a lower humidity in the 45-50%. If you cant get it that low then you want more air circulation.
If you can fit a fan below the canopy that will help a lot, like crimsonecho said, don't have the fan directly blowing on the plant but just above it.

Right now I am not seeing any kinds of light stress and the way your canopy is shaped is great.
Since the center is the hot spot and you have all tall branching at the edges you should not run into any light burn.

Good luck and happy growing.
crimsonecho answered grow question 1 week ago
wow 60% humidity is in the danger zone for mold definitely.

i got a suggestion

-dont have a fan directly blowing at your plants, that fan should blow between the canopy and the light without touching the canopy directly
gottagrowsometime answered grow question 1 week ago
Your plant is fine. Growth should show down soon. There's not much more you can do but lightly bend over nodes if you have to but it should be fine.

As for wanting to be in 50-60%RH I have no idea why you want that during flowering.

Those are veg ranges. Pre flower 45-60max and start bringing it down as close to 35 the closer you get to harvest.

Good luck.