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CapitanKush started grow question 4 years ago
Hey All

i am having some trouble bringing the RH down It sits at 70%-75% lights off. Anyone got any ideas to lower the RH on the cheap??
I can get a dehumidifier but i would rather spend on HPS lights
1st coco grow
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1st coco grow CapitanKush
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Week 8
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Jeff123fish answered grow question 4 years ago
Your better off buying the dehumidifier if your already having a hard time getting the rh down. Putting an hos light in will only increase the heat and humidity due to the increase in transpiration
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
So the carbon fiber exhaust system like they said is a great thing, helps with ventilation and smell. However, you can attempt to vent the area around your grow room, add a few fans, you defoliate any unnecessary leaves that are pushing out water, also when you water you could water with less(soaked or soggy soil puts out so much darn moisture) make sure no excess water laying around in trays etc, AC units tend to lower humidity and some even have a built in dehumidifier. Or you can buck up and buy a small dehumidifier somewhere in range of 30-60$ especially if you're planning an HPS setup a dehumidifier may become even more essential.
Best of luck to you.
Is the region you live in one with a high RH over like 50% regularly?
Lou_Grows answered grow question 4 years ago
Buy a bathroom extraction fan (20$ at home depot) get the air out of the tent. On another window of the tent get a small desk fan (14-20$ Amazon) and use it as intake.. then make sure to empty the waste water tray don't let it evaporate!! That's on the cheap side! That's how I keep my tent with a 35%-45% humidity.
FlavoursUk answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi bud,

Yeah for them going into flower you want 40-50 RH, less in some cases! Use a fan, that helps. Best thing would be an extractor with a carbon filter as that pulls the hot air out of your grow space.. as well as the smell! So two in one. Obviously there’s the dehumidifier too. Hope this helps.