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Removed started grow question 4 years ago
Every other ultimate grow I look at looks a lot more sativa than mine. Those leaves look indica to me but I ain't no expert. Any opinions?
Week 4
Techniques. Defoliation
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
I don't know what you mean sativa, the strain is 50/50 indica/sativa. Other grows might have bigger inter nodal space, due to environmental conditions like temperature. Hybrid strains usually have wide leaves like indicas.
midEastern answered grow question 4 years ago
This strain is a hybrid which means it is 5050 indica sativa.
Even in the same strain and same breeder there could be more than 1 pheno.
A pheno is kind of "behaviour" of a seed.
Sometimes also,same strain from different breeders can behave defferently.
My guess is that your plant now has wide indica like leaves BUT when you go to flowering this might change and you might see more of narrow fingered leaves.
They look awesome
ChillumMafia answered grow question 4 years ago
The plant looks good
Very hot, leaves twist and claw (overdose or overflow by water) raise the lamp to 50-60 cm