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DeathCrusher92 started grow question 4 years ago
Should I continue using Nitrogen during the flower stage?
First Time Grow. Girl Scout Cookies Auto
17 weeks
First Time Grow. Girl Scout Cookies Auto DeathCrusher92
Girl Scout Cookies Auto
78 comments · 4 years ago
Week 10
Buds. Not fattening
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes but small amounts and only when plant is stretching, once buds are here you need to stop Nitrogen intakes. Congrats for this beautiful harvest!
Newfoundland420 answered grow question 4 years ago
I personally remove all nitrogen from my feedings at about week 6. This way I can allow the plant to use up what is stored in its leaves as I feed the rest of the nutrients she needs. Never had a problem with it.

When not removing nitrogen in time you may need a longer flush or may notice your leaves are not turning color from green to yellow/red/purple etc because the leaves have way too much juice in them while the soil/medium has nitrogen.

I found my doing it this way allowed me to have a good plant that once flushed she is fully used, ripe, and ready to do some serious damage to anyone who is brave enough to smoke her!
Northeastern answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes Nitrogen should be used through the flowering stage however low amounts. Excess nitrogen will cause more leaf growth on top of giving you dark green and clawing leaves. It is needed but mostly during the first few weeks after that its potassium and phosphorous for the most part with a tiny bit of nitrogen.
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
I'd keep your nitrogen pretty low if you can. As for fattening buds, if you hit the grocery store and buy some regular Blackstrap molasses and add a tsp per gallon of water its been know to not only sweeten your buds but also fatten and bulk them up. Plus its nice and natural sugars to add in there so it doesn't. Require as much flushing. Most people. Add it in the last 3 weeks of flowering.
Hope it turns out good for you! I'm loving all your pics their stunning!
Next_Level_Herbs answered grow question 4 years ago
You need N all through growth, during flowering you need less of it, about 1/2 to 2/3 as much as veg but you need it because N is the base element for photosynthetic production. Your leaves turning yellow means your plants are out of available N. Give them an initial dose at full strength to help them recover then continue with about a 1/2 strength regimen. You definitely want some nitrogen most of the way through flower. I'd also like to offer a little bit different perspective as well though. A little look at things from the other side... Don't overdo it either. Feeding too much nitrogen during flower has a nasty side-effect of making branches and stems incredibly weak. If they get large or heavy buds on them, the branches and stems like to bend in half very easily and the plant will practically implode on itself. If your plants are notorious for having weak stems and branches in flower cycle, even though you have lots of fans... take a good look at this as the cause. You may want to lighten up a bit on the nitrogen.
Carpe_Diem answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello m8
Yes you can still use nitrogen on the flower stage. You are 1 week to 2 week for harverest day. And in your case it is really up to you if you given use small amount on your plant.
Next time when you grow by my really experience give phosphate and potassiio untill flash time.
One of the best for me is terpinator.
Check my dairies if you be interest.
Hope i could help you m8
Happy growings
DeathEvil answered grow question 4 years ago
yes plant will need, and use nitrogen in flowering (especially the beginning phase), however at this point you should drastically decrease it (it don't look like they call for nitrogen lol)
pureblaze420 answered grow question 4 years ago
Less Nitrogen In Flower, the Pk Booster you are using will help fatten your buds up but hardening will come with using Norwegian Kelp Extract. Mendocino Avalanche is a decent flower hardener but the best is Gravity which is now called G-10(new formula)
Smokwiri answered grow question 4 years ago
yes, but far less than in veg
ShowsWorld answered grow question 4 years ago
Lower your nitrogen.
Green09Ranger answered grow question 4 years ago
Your plant needs a lot of nitrogen in the vegetative stage, and it's generally hard to give too much as long as you're not going completely overboard with nutrients. Nitrogen is a big part of what makes leaves green, and is incredibly important to the process of photosynthesis (making energy from light).
But cannabis plants need relatively low levels of Nitrogen in the second half of the flowering/budding stage. While your plants still need N (nitrogen) during flowering, too much N at this stage will prevent your plants from forming buds properly, resulting in lower yields, less potency and possibly inferior buds.
This is why it's important to avoid any type of "time-release" nutrients or soil (for example, standard Miracle-Gro soil) as they will keep giving your plant a lot of N even after its started flowering.
When it comes to nitrogen, this is what your plant needs:

Vegetative Stage - higher levels of Nitrogen (pretty much any plant food will do)

Most complete plant foods that you get at a gardening store contain high levels of nitrogen (N). These nutrient systems tend to work well in the vegetative stage.

Some examples of cannabis-friendly one-part Vegetative nutrient systems...

Dyna-Gro “Foliage Pro”

General Hydroponics “FloraNova Grow”

Pretty much any complete plant food

Flowering Stage - lower levels of Nitrogen (use "Bloom" or Cactus nutrients)

It’s extra important to find a nutrient system with lower levels of nitrogen for the last part of your plant’s life. Many “Bloom” or "Flowering" style base nutrients are just the ticket.
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Your leaves look dark green, so drop the Nitrogen, at this stage the plant can take whatever N it needs from what remains on the soil and / or what it has stored in it's leaves.
I would worry about your environment before nutes. Your temperatures are really low; when temperatures drop below 73°F (23°C) the growth slows down a lot, which is why your auto is taking more time than it's supposed to; even more, during the night, those temperatures (32F to 40F) at the very least stops the plants development and at worst it can kill your plant.
Also, are you sure about the daily water consumption you posted? it is kind of high, specially with those low temperatures, you might over watering too.
ConMan answered grow question 4 years ago
Its easier to add it later then to correct it if you use too much. Wait for the plant to start to show signs that it needs it ( yellowing the leaves) before you keep adding more. Looking great keep it up
Thegermling509 answered grow question 4 years ago
Girl scout cookies is one of those strains that holds onto nitrogen, you need to cut nitrogen by week 4 in order for it to senescence later in the ripening stage.
BigDaddyK answered grow question 4 years ago
Certain leds seem to take longer , use your flowering nutrients for 1-2more weeks ,I reckon you still 4 weeks away .:+1:
Perth answered grow question 4 years ago
The answer is no. You are on week 10 with an autoflower. It is already dark green. I would start flushing soon, to get out all the nitrogen and let it pale before harvest.
B4RNS answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes , you must keep on giving them Nitrogen . As they use a lot of Nitrogen during the firsts 3 weeks of flowering to support the stretch. Usually you stick to your Veg nutrients until week 3 of Bloom then you switch to your Blooming nutrients in week 4 of Bloom. There’s 3 phases in Blooming, the stretch, the flowers opening and the bud swell, you’re actually in the flower opening phase , the bud swell will start in about 3 weeks. You must switch your Cal Mag for a Mag Sulfur additive by the way.
Tonks answered grow question 4 years ago
Yeah I'd def drop it to a really low amount at this stage, they don't need much in late flowering and too much nitrogen can give you a headache when smoking.
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
keep calm and follow the schedule chart

you got this brother :fist:
Teamdirtbag2 answered grow question 4 years ago
Flora micro has nitrogen in it. I don't know if any of the others have any, but one or more of them probably do. You should lover your nitrogen levels during flowering due to the fact that it promotes leaf growth. I do it in the last 4 weeks.
Tryhard answered grow question 4 years ago
use it up until week 6 lower your dose if your in soil theres normally enough nitrogen stored to get you through last weeks of flower if hydro use it obvious reasons theres no other way for your plant to get it
Jeff123fish answered grow question 4 years ago
Very little but if your following any kind of a feed chart they should tell you that too. Plants need nitrogen in smaller amounts as they mature but do still need some