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UpncomingGreenthumb started grow question 6 years ago
Hello fellow growers I found some "mold" on top of my happyfrog soil read online by many people this is bad n good it's 50/50 hours after investigating what this is I found it may be mycelium:mushroom:which is a good thing & is beneficial to your plant should I keep it or be worried ?
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Jeff123fish answered grow question 6 years ago
Mold by itself isnt necessarily bad but it could be a sign of overwatering make sure you allow the soil to dry out a bit between waterings
CANNASIM answered grow question 6 years ago
I personally do not like any kind of mold, in my top soil. I hard to ID the type and if is going to do good. I feed my plants a product packed of beneficial bacteria and a Trichoderma, that is a fungi it self, a benefitial "parasite" and controls fungal diseases, I suggest you have a look on it because it may regulate your soil and save many headaches...

Another tip as a natural fungicide is cinnamon powder, you just coat the top layer with it, also in this line of thinking you can make a spray and mist the soil. To make the spray stir some cinnamon into warm water and allow it to steep overnight, then you filter with a coffee filter. My use of this spray was limited.
Green09Ranger answered grow question 6 years ago
Mold is a sing of over watering for sure... They start so nice! And they still trying to grow nicely. Let the soil dry for a couple days and maybe ad some new soil at the top.. But no big problem there I think. Happy grow friend!
bigmarc answered grow question 6 years ago
Over watering pH lock out forsure the mycelium you seek are around your roots that's just top soil mold let it dry ,watch for fungus knats bubba.
Removed answered grow question 6 years ago
By itself it is nothing to worry about, but it does indicate some over watering, no surprise there, since you are using 5 gallon pots for too small plants. This is why most of us learnt to start in small containers and pot up when needed.
The problem with that fungi is that it can attract fungus gnats, which can be a real problem.