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G13 Haze is the mix of the legendary G13 with Hawaiian Sativa.  The plant has an extreme density of flower and a high resin production. This sativa dominant plant suits for  SOG and ScrOG methods. It has medium tall, healthy crops and high level of THC, that provides the potent cerebral effect  The scents are deep with hints of fruits and spices.

Gender Regular
Genes 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Genetics G13 / Hawaiian
Harvest 550 g/m²
Flowering 65 - 70 days
THC 22.0%
CBD 1.2%
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year2018


1 oz
Avg. Dry Weight
13 oz
Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

11 Growers
9 Growers
6 Growers
6 Growers
4 Growers
4 Growers
Dry mouth
12 Growers
Dry eyes
10 Growers
9 Growers
8 Growers
6 Growers
6 Growers


G13 AutofloweringG13 Haze Regular Ruderalis
Original G13 HazeG13 Haze Regular
Hawaiian RosesG13 Haze Regular Eli Kush

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Nebula420 GrandMaster
G13 Haze
Growing it
G13 Haze nice classic sativa strain, high yielding, amazing citrus smell, and not have paranoia effect, I smoke this weed everyday xD=)

smoke 10/10
high 10/10
taste 10/10
density 8/10
growth 8/10
yield 9/10

I want to thank Barney’s Farm for amazing genetics.
Green Buzz Liquids for amazing 100% organic nutrients, the taste and smell turned to great.
Thanks to Mars Hydro for amazing grow light Mars Hydro TSW2000, still spends little energy, and shines brighter than 400 watts Hid.
Thanks to Growdiaries team for this amazing project)
4 months ago
G13 Haze
Growing it
Cheiro muito delicioso efeito forte que me traz a alegria rsrsrsr adorei
7 months ago
Medicanna Newbie
G13 Haze
Growing it
The plant grows fast and vigorous once it takes off. Unfortunately I somehow either messed up feeding or fungus gnats took over. I cannot really say what the problem was. Flowering goes very slow from the flip. Even though the top trichomes on this plant are very ready, the buds are really fluffy and a little airy. I would say it is a growing mistake. The smell however is insane. I dont even know how to specify it. Its extremely sour and sweet, basically it remembers me of orange or lime lemonade. It doesnt smell strong during veg or flower, but the terpene profile is insane. If the effect is good I wouldnt give a damn about the airy buds the smell would make the strain. Maybe I just got lucky with the pheno and messed up the grow?
Gonna update effects and taste when it's cured! ~UPDATE: Read comment below in this diary!
8 months ago
Ydarnik87 Apprentice
G13 Haze
Growing it
Гров был интересным. В связи с появлением мутации, захотелось запустить свой первый репорт. Процесс меня увлек и появилось ещё 3 репорта) Сорт неприхотлив. Но, не любит большие дозы удобрений. Можно, максимум, половину от рекомендуемой производителем. Это если про минеральные удобрения. Очень хорошо пускает корни, поэтому объем горшка - от 25 литров земли. Про другие субстраты не подскажу) У меня находился в режиме 12/12 ровно 9 недель. По хорошему, подержать бы ещё пару недель, но увы, в связи с отъездом, пришлось харвить раньше. По эффекту и весу чуть позже дополню, а так - бомба! :bomb::boom:
P. S. Окончательный вес составил 120 грамм, что весьма неплохо для не продолжительного грова. Эффект напрямую зависит от дозировки. Немного - хай, перебрал - странный стоунхай, вроде мысли чистые, но тело тяжелое) Шишки твёрдые, курятся долго и плотно. Аромат... Что то из семейства еловых и сладко-цветочное. Дикий сушняк и красные глаза, если перебрать. Держит долго, 3-4 часа. Отличный сорт!)
10 months ago
Cariboo_OG Master
G13 Haze
Growing it
This Plant Grew Fast ! I'd love to run this one again on a DWC, or even again as this diary was.. & with a little bit of knowledge I easily could have doubled the yield.. 100% user error.
Nun the less, this is Great Daytime Herb for the Experienced Toker, hits with a Heavy Cerebral Haze, but settles into a creatively uplifted high.
Great for smoking, and doing chores ! :)
1 year ago

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