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Emerald Triangle Seeds

Lemon Haze Auto


Here we have blended together our best Lemon OG Kush with Original Haze and White Widow to create a lovely saliva based auto flowering plant with a life cycle of approximately 65 days from seed to harvest. Indoors, you will get the best yields if you use 20 hours of light. Outdoors, you can grow her from early spring to early autumn 150+ grams per plant can be achieved using the correct techniques. Lemon Haze auto has a sativa structure, with longer internodes than an Indica dominant strain. If grown indoors in hydro you may have to keep on top of her as she will want to get large!

Gender Feminised
Genes 65% Sativa / 35 indica%
Genetics Lemon OG Kush x Original Haze x White Widow
Harvest Medium
Flowering 10 weeks
Lemon Haze x SCBDx Lemon Haze Auto SuperCBDx
Family Tree
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