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An autoflowering West Coast Legend for fuel lovers.

High in THC levels, reaching 21% with the world famous fuel, citrus, sandalwood, and pine flavor that comes with this vintage sativa dominant hybrid. Despite her sativa influence, flowering time will only require 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, making her ideal for growers who want classic, overpoweringing, pungent, sour terps in a short time frame. She may grow as tall as 120cm in height and will produce long, stacked buds typical of sativa Cannabis. Her effects are energetic and clear minded, that over time will develop into a dreamy focused buzz.  An excellent choice for commercial growers and hash makers and extractors. 

Grow Tips
Only for experienced growers it is advised to perform L.S.T on plants for those with limited space.  Tying down her long side branches will also allow the plants to focus her energy on producing huge colas. Hash makers and extractors will have plenty of leaf and sugar trim to use, so prepare in advance. Outdoors this hybrid performs incredibly well, especially in hotter climate zones. But, she can also handle cold nights well so it can be a good choice for colder climates, and will ripen with a dark purple color, making her even more special looking. This girl likes to drink nutrients, but avoid feeding too late during flower to improve the final taste, quality of ash and overall experience.
Gender Feminised
Genes 35% Indica / 65% Sativa
Genetics Sour Diesel X Autoflowering Genetics
Harvest 450 - 550 g/m²
Flowering 30 - 40 days
THC 21.0%
CBD 1.0%
Vegetation 30 - 40 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year2020


0 oz
Avg. Dry Weight
4 oz
Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

24 Growers
21 Growers
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Dry eyes
14 Growers
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Dry mouth
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Jezabel Newbie
Sour Diesel Auto
Growing it
The easiest grow I have ever had. No issues at all with her. Covered in trichomes with dense buds. She's curing now but I snuck a bud and she is potent. Tastes piney and delicious. The smell is overwhelming diesel and sour citrus. Head and body high is beautiful, total chill effect with a side of "Let's build things". I can see this becoming a top favorite of mine. If you have a chance to grow some I highly recommend it, I'll be buying more seeds for sure.
5 days ago
GordanGrows Newbie
Sour Diesel Auto
Growing it
Smells amazinggg
2 months ago
PharmaZ GrandMaster
Sour Diesel Auto
Growing it
I let this Sour Diesel grow naturally as I already guessed judging by other growers that she was going to be a shorter plant.

Short and frosty is a way to describe her, with big fat calyx’ that form not too dense but stacked within each other.

The aroma throughout the grow wasn’t overly strong but there was a hint of fuel wafting around the tent. Now that she’s been dried and cured she has a gassy earthy smell. Not citrusy at all which I was kinda hoping for. But that seems to lean towards the NYCD variety.

A tribute to this strain is the taste, it carries a Diesel fuel flavour that is pleasant until the end of the joint.

It doesn’t get sickly and you can keep coming back for more. But can you take more...

Surprisingly a hard hitter. She flowered a little long than one would expect but I think it was down to environment factors. This attributes to her couch lock effect.

I would always Harvest Diesel as late as possible to get that sedative effect Diesel strains are known for.
3 months ago
burrrrrito Apprentice
Sour Diesel Auto
Growing it
This was the first seed I ever owned and grew, thanks to a good friend of mine.

I am rating this strain from an absolute noobs point of view and also someone who suffered from no growing experience and allowing this plant to subjected to all sorts of hurdles.

I think this strain did really well under the circumstances.

The buds were nice and thick compared to my other plants who grew under the same circumstance and the smell was oh so gorgeous.

Sadly I lost half the bottom buds due to broad mites so the scales would have been a considerable amount more.

Aside from all that I would love to have a crack at this strain again to give it a proper grow with more exp and def better soil.

Thank you Fastbuds for the beautiful strain strain :)
3 months ago
Daweed83 Apprentice
Sour Diesel Auto
Growing it
Had a slow start but jeeez im happy with the end result ! Very nice plant with big and large buds.
5 months ago

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