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Maine Outdoor 2021

1 year ago
Room Type
fox farm ocean forest
Grow medium
Happy frog
Grow medium
Grow medium
weeks 1,12
weeks 1,12
weeks 17,25,...
BT spray
week 27
Preventative potassium bicarbonate foliar spray
week 27
Potassium bicarbonate foliar spray
week 29
weeks 29,25,...
Jungle Boys - Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream Cake
Jungle Boys

Growing it




This strain struggled in the Maine climate. Not a strain I'd grow again outdoors. I lost a lot to bud rot and earwigs. Ice cream cake was the least resilient of the strains I grew. The septoria probably hurt the yield some. It certainly is some very potent cannabis though. Grew tall and sativa like. Super long flowering time with small lime green bugs that reek. I'm going to review the other strains in with this. There were five and one is still outside. The mystery one in the fifty gallon pot grew amazing. It was monster cropped and had soda can size buds everywhere. Smelliest pot I've ever grown. My wife lost her sense of smell. I had one bud from this plant (I cut off this morning) in the car for a short period and she noticed it right off. I did good this year. I have multiple strains that are all awesome. Whatever was in the 50 gallon was the best pot I've ever grown. EVER. These two strains are still hanging but I tried a tester bud and it blew me away. I am so proud of this one. I don't weigh my pot wet. Shit I don't even weigh it dry. It's just my medicine. I share though. First year getting a pound off one plant though.

The Outcome
4 plants
Number of plants harvested
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Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

This product seemed to work well in place of tiger bloom.

Commented by masterofsmeagol masterofsmeagol

I dry trimmed everything I harvested. What I mean is I cut all fan leaves while the plant was still in the ground. I trimmed what I could and hung the whole plant for a few days then separated branches. The ice cream cake and the large seedling are both still hanging intact. Ice cream cake was easy as it grew more like a sativa them the indicas I usually grow. Plant reached a height of 9 to 10 feet. Yield was some what diminished due to septoria. This strain seemed particularly sensitive to plant diseases.

Grow Questions
masterofsmeagol week 14 started grow question 2 years ago
What's the issue with this leaf?
Can anyone help identify the issue on this leaf. Dreamcatcher is the strain and I can tell they were a reveg. It was root bound and I thought it was an issue with the roots. After transplant outside and sprayed with my IPM the plant has recovered but still has a few like this?
Leaves. Color - Mottling
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Hashy answered grow question 2 years ago
Nice plants in the background by the way. To me it looks like a slight magnesium problem.
masterofsmeagol week 14 started grow question 2 years ago
Dealing with thrips
I found what I believe is thrips. Anyone have experience dealing with them? I plan to use either LCPT, Dr Zymes, or Spinosid. That and pyrethrum is what I have on hand. I am also battling WPM and was planning to preventative BT. Looking for advice and what product to use. TIA
Other. Bugs
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 2 years ago
Hey friend,
Thrips aren't the worst so thats good. I know they love onions, and some other outdoor plants so be mindful of carrier plants nearby.
My best success with killing them dead and gone, was a combination of first using a spinosad spray at dusk, and a dr bonners/water spray bottle.
The soap spray is perfect in health to the earth and plants and living things so be free and liberal with it. Dr Bonners is Castille soap so in my opinion safer and more effective than when I've used dawn dish soap. But any soap will do.

Good luck and do a few applications a few days apart until you see lower numbers.
Happy growing
masterofsmeagol week 15 started grow question 2 years ago
Posting edited pics
Hey does anyone know how to upload edited pics? I have stalk pics but my tags are showing and I can't upload the edited pic.
Other. General questions
Hashy answered grow question 2 years ago
Try naming the file/picture a different name to the one that refuses to upload.
masterofsmeagol week 16 started grow question 2 years ago
Leaves on interior lower and middle plant turning yellow and falling off. Heat and recently changed feeding schedule. Should I switch back or just heat?
I recently increased grow big to 2tbsp/ gal (from 1) and feeding to every 3 days instead of 5. I also sprayed LCPT. It has been 90's and I have to water plants twice a day. Could either of these contribute to the few yellow leaves on interior low and middle? Should I switch back?
Feeding. Deficiences
lefthandedJ answered grow question 2 years ago
Gotta agree with InspireMe, sounds like a little nutrient lockout. Only guessing that because I have the same issue, to a much lesser degree, and my medium is at an irritating 7.0 with some spikes. The plants I have showing yellow leaves just Ph'd the other day at 7.2, the ones without yellow still Ph'd at 7 even.
InspireMe answered grow question 2 years ago
Hey mate,

I had a look through your diary and I think it could be related to your ph. I noticed that you ate running at 7.4. I'd try and bring that down to anywhere between 6.0 and 6.8. They may be struggling to uptake the nutrients they need.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:
masterofsmeagol week 17 started grow question 2 years ago
Leaves are turning yellow and dieing. Looks just like nitrogen deficiency but my PH has been running high. Could someone look through my latest entry?
Interior lower and middle leaves turn yellow and die. Seems like nitrogen def. PH measured w soil meter read 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 at the highest. Plants are huge. Have the just used up soil nutes and I need to increase feeding or is it PH and how to fix. Water pH is good. Plz see diary
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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Rap_a_cap answered grow question 2 years ago
Hi Smeagol, looking at your diary I can see only a gorgeous weed garden. I'm an outdoor grower too and little by little I've learned to don't care about falling of lower/middle canopy expecially if the plants look healthy and with the right tone of green. Looking closely I've noticed some leaves infested by mites. Sometimes lower leaves yellowish and fall because of a combination of factors like age, nutes deficiencies (is not your case), high humidity near the soil and parasites. In any case with senescence bottom leaves will fall anyway. Be relaxed and control the critters around. Cheers Bro
masterofsmeagol week 17 started grow question 2 years ago
Can't save new week
I try to add a new week and it will allow me to do so but it won't save. When I try to save it says "something went wrong". I've deleted and tried four times to reload and re-type everything. Has anyone else had problems using this platform? I'll go back to paper if this keeps up
Other. General questions
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Removed answered grow question 2 years ago
We've been having issues with posts and questions recently (uploading pics especially), hopefully they get it fixed soon cause the app and community is awesome.
masterofsmeagol week 18 started grow question 2 years ago
For those outdoor growers running liquid nutes (fox farm specifically) or really any nutes when do you typically switch to flowering nutrients?
When do you outdoor growers that use liquid nutrients start switching to flowering nutes? I typically wait until after the stretch and slowly introduce my tiger bloom until they are on a flower feeding schedule. I'd be interested to hear how others do it. Especially with Fox Farm
Feeding. Schedule
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Organoman answered grow question 2 years ago
For the last 25+ years, I have been giving/continuing with grow nutrients until there are small budlets formed, before switching to half grow and half bloom for the next 2-3 weeks, before changing to just pure bloom nutrients through until maturity. This seems to produce the biggest blooms on plants that do not exhaust themselves and end up canabalizing themselves to a sickly yellow colour.
I will also give one dose of half grow and half bloom about half way through the "just bloom nutrient" phase as a plant booster, but probably one third grow nutes and two thirds bloom nutes would be a more accurate description.
Cannabis does still need a good supply of nitrogen in early flower and switching to bloom nutrients when the first pistils appear will/can lead to a reduced yield and certainly reduced health in late flower, and seems to be a common rookie mistake amongst a lot of growers on this forum.
The routine I use is the evolution of my experiences growing outdoors for 35+ years and the result of much research and experimentation.
Others may disagree, but it works outstandingly well for me and in my situation.
Hope this helps, Organoman.
masterofsmeagol week 20 started grow question 2 years ago
Are earwigs a pest I should be treating? They ate a shit ton of aphids but I found a small black spot on a bud site and don't know who's responsi
Has anyone dealt with earwigs? I noticed some small damage on the top of a plant bud site Made the trap didn't work. Are they usually a problem if around? I'm sure they are under the wood cage but I'm hesitant to use borax as my plants grow through the bags into the ground
Other. Bugs
masterofsmeagol answered grow question 4 months ago
Just so everyone sees this I'm answering my own question. Ear Wigs are horrible! They kill all cannabis pests and LOVE aphids. However after that they will ear your buds from the bottom up or chew the stem on a bud disconnecting it from the branch. They overwinter and are prehistoric. If you've built your a population move the grow.
Hempy_The_Kid answered grow question 2 years ago
They Normally eat rotting plant matter but they will eat fresh plants as well. I would exterminate.
masterofsmeagol week 21 started grow question 1 year ago
Leaf Septoria is it worth treating it if it's on an extra plant or should it be culled
I have an extra plant outside my grow cage and it has leaf septoria. It was neglected to begin with. Is it worth treating with copper based fungicide or should it be culled. I have no experience with this. Someone please help.
Leaves. Other
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Organoman answered grow question 1 year ago
Whether it is worth treating and rescuing back to health is something only you can decide, but if it does have leaf Septoria, (or possibly powdery mildew) moving it far, far away from your other plants would be my advice to you.
If it is growing in the ground directly and can not be moved, and if she does not interest you that much, then yes, cull it and throw it in the garbage and make sure it is as far away from your other plants as possible.
Cheers, Organoman.
masterofsmeagol week 22 started grow question 1 year ago
How much does the fox farm trio affect pH and how much pH up (or down) would be needed for correct pH of a 7.0 gallon water.
Anybody here grow outdoors in soil and use fox farm products? I was wondering if someone could approximate how much 2tbsp big bloom, 2 grow big, 1 tiger bloom would lower a neutral 7.0 gallon of water. I have drops but it's hard to see after adding bb. No meter. No money 4 one.
Feeding. Other
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Ezzjaybruh answered grow question 1 year ago
Mmm real hard to say bro but I’ve noticed that Tiger bloom is quite acidic and drops the pH significantly.

I wish I could give you a guess of where it would be but it depends on your water so much.

Here’s what I’d do is check your ph with your drops or whatever without the BB cuz it should barely effect your pH compared to the other ones, then add BB after you have a decent idea of where it is.

Anecdotally, my pH was usually pretty low after my FF feeds were mixed up.. 5.5-6.0 so a lot of time I’d be adding a few mLs of pH up.

Feel free to PM me if you’ve got any other questions about it.. I’m using GH for my outdoor grow now but I use FF for a lot of my indoor flowering plants.
masterofsmeagol week 22 started grow question 1 year ago
What pest eats bud sites off a stem but leaves the tops alone? I think it's earwigs but a friend mentioned inch worms. Any idea the culprit or how to
Can inch worms do this type of damage? Destroying bud sites and the little sugar leaves brown and die? I was thinking it was earwigs but someone mentioned inch worms (which I had found) so I treated with BT. No tops damaged it's like they :lollipop: branches for me. Ideas on culprit/tx?
Other. Bugs
rhodes68 answered grow question 1 year ago
rabbits or other vermin, they only eat what they can reach, if you lucky
Organoman answered grow question 1 year ago
Hydro_Hiebs answered grow question 1 year ago
I seen grass hoppers chew through stems with ease. Causing the whole branch to snap off.

Inchworms are voracious leaf eaters that feed on plant foliage both day and night. Often found in large groups, they'll also feed alone. New leaves, leaf buds, flower buds, fruits and berries may all be targets. Damage ranges from large holes to nearly total defoliation.
masterofsmeagol week 23 started grow question 1 year ago
Leaves are turning yellow and dieing. Looks just like nitrogen deficiency. I'm in early flower
Losing a bunch of yellow leaves during early flower. I have WPM but it wouldn't progress like this would it? I think I may have just been underfeeding or my pH is off. What do you guys think?
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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Ezzjaybruh answered grow question 1 year ago
Yes I have noticed this happens more in outdoor grows and it’s quite normal and not as concerning as if you had yellowing dying leaves in and indoor set up. Several of my outdoor plants have started with some yellowing a dropping a few leaves also.

I don’t believe WPM would have anything to do with this..

I also realized I was likely underfeeding a bit as you mentioned.. I’ve got some big girls outside and wasn’t used to their nutrient needs. That said I wouldn’t go slamming it with nitrogen - seeing ass your flowering has begun. Maybe up your source of N for one feed then go back to your normal feeding schedule!
masterofsmeagol week 28 started grow question 1 year ago
Earwigs are stripping branches and eating buds. It's only on one strain but they are destroying the plant. Take a bit early or keep fighting?
I have a strain that some nocturnal insect (ear wigs) I think that have been STRIPPING lower interior branches. Last night I almost cut a branch that looked done. This morning I showed up and the bottom half of that branch was stripped. Try more methods or take a week early. Tia
Other. Bugs
Rap_a_cap answered grow question 1 year ago
Mate, sorry for this issue. I got the same with clematis. I use to spray on these bastards a solution of pure alcohol and water (1/3) and it works fine.
Hempy_The_Kid answered grow question 1 year ago
You could make a solution of dishsoap and water and spray them off your plants, (use a pump spray for better pressure). I grow basil close to my plants which seems to keep most insects away.
iHateSativa week 30

Happy Harvest


@iHateSativa, Thanks man. Trim jail is a bitch

masterofsmeagol week 30

I have pictures that need to be uploaded and I will finish the smoke reports as soon as I get a chance to breathe. Still in trim jail.

gottagrowsometime week 30

Pound on 1 plant. Wow. In my dreams maybe. So lucky you have outdoors. Hope you enjoyed them harvests.


@gottagrowsometime, yeah bro the last few years have been kind for me. Luckily I could take the hit this year as I have some stored from last year and a little from the year before. Outdoor is the way it you can find a way to manage it in your climate.

BioBuds week 30

Congrats on your harvest! Well done!! Enjoy and see you on the next one!! :ok_hand::muscle::pray: