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TFTC: The Yogi Bogie Do-Si-Do Chat Show

4 days ago
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Commented by Jobbie Jobbie
4 days ago

Welcome back friends, yes, I have forgotten what last week's episode was about as well, but fear not, as in this closet there are no expectations for perfection, but after there is a lot of judging looks, the kind people give you when you forget things and think it is because you smoke too much, that is not the case I am just apathetic to most things.
It is time for another episode of “TFTC: The Yogi Bogie Do-Si-Do Chat Show”, brought to you in partnership with Zamnesai, the perfect companion to relax, unwind and take things a little bit easier. As alluded to earlier, last episode was a weird one, let us hope that our host Yogie Bogie can unpack this mess for us. Take it away Yogi!


Thank you so much to my friends for joining us, it is time for a bit of relaxation, we were talking last week about frustration and what the root cause is in psychology; the desire to do something combined with the inability to do it. I feel frustration has increased in modern times as our awareness of actions that can be undertaken has increased without much in the way of an increase in the ability to perform them, at least for most of us, some people are very lucky and have the means to do most of what they desire.
For years we have been taught that the way to succeed is to set goals, I cannot tell you how many workshops, classes etc that have bored me half to death, went through the same vague steps of setting goals to succeed in life, yet, with all this information being washed into my brain, it still never really worked, worst of all is the act of failing at goals actually makes matter worse as we then get discouraged by the event of failure, the experts would say “set new goals” as though this was a magic cure, as though the new goals would be superior to the old ones, the only piece of advice they would add can be summed up in a quote from a cartoon.
“There are three words that will make you happier in this life”
“Use the force?”
“Lower your standards”.
Yet, if we lower our standards then we won't achieve the goals we set out to accomplish, meaning that you will need to set more goals, so really the previous goals are then just a stepping stone, and it just begins to feel pointless, as I believe it is written in the 40k Universe “Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment”.
So it is not joining the roundabout of goals, where you constantly chase this elusive end target by setting even incrementally smaller goals and writing ever increasingly complicated and detailed plans to get there, then what do we do?
Easy, fuck goal setting! Now, I am not saying do not aspire for more, I am also not saying do not give up on your dreams, instead you need to realise that whatever road you take in life has no set destination other than death. If you start going to the gym because you want to look like Ronnie Coleman then chances are you will be disappointed, you are not him, no two bodybuilders are identical, instead the goal should be as easy as just going to the gym, don’t worry about working out etc, just make sure you plan into your schedule the action you wish to incorporate into your life, then when you start doing these actions you can identify as that type of person.
I am not an amazing grower, but I grow, therefore I am a grower. I am not a professional athlete of gym rat, but I go to the gym so I am a gym person.
My friends, begin to remove the pedestals you put things on, do not get carried away with setting your sights on something so out of reach, instead work on just becoming the best you, if you want to be a dancer then start taking dance lessons, you might hate it, but if that was your “goal” then you would feel that it was a failure, instead if you experiment and see if you like it then you are either a dancer or you are not a dancer, no failure, just some funny anecdotes.
Once you work on making your life a system where you do what you really want, then you will have less issues with failure.
I want to be a writer, will I ever write like Tolkien, Bradbury or Lovecraft? No, my voice is different to theirs, so I will see where my journey will take me and not worry about creating a life of frustration by expecting things that might not be for me. After all, if you have read this, then I am a writer, so each day I write it gets a little better and a little better, until one day maybe there will be a place for me on your bookshelf, until then, I will just focus on being a better writer tomorrow than I was today, just a tiny bit better, no goals or massive aspirations, just sit down and write.
My hope is that you get something from these writings, just to make you stress a little less and to be kinder to yourself, you are the best person you can be at this time in life, and tomorrow, just be that 1% better by organising your life in a way that will help.
For more of a detailed account of how this works… and with the actual science behind it there are two books I would recommend: Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg and Atomic Habits by James Clear.


Pretty sure the writers just plagiarised some people here, would be funny if I got a cease and desist, ah well, fuck them! Thank you for stopping by the Closet, we hope that you, like us, will stop worrying about the big goals society demands of you, and instead just relax, sit down and work on things at an easy pace. Thank you to Zamnesia, they are very patient with me as my diary writing can be a bit sporadic, but wait, their kindness does not end there, use code ZAMMIGD2023 for a discount on seeds.
Until next week friends, take it easy, change the system of your life and those goals will come to you. goodbye.



Parents - Do-Si-Dos x Ruderalis
Genetics - Indica-dominant Auto
Flowering Time - 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest
THC - 20%
CBD - 0-1%
Height (Indoor) - Medium
Height (Outdoor) - Medium
Yield (Indoor) - 550-600 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) - 100-150 gr/plant
Available as - Feminized seeds


Notes: Sup! Flowers are doing well, they are sexy af! Just a quick heads up, I come from a place where swearing is perfectly normal and no one really cares, so if you do not like the sweary words, just be thankful that I am yet to say the C word, it is one of my favourites.
WE are cutting down on Nitrogen, flies are pretty much gone, clever trick for anything that is soil based like mine were, when you enter flower keep spraying the soil and container, eventually they all die off because it is so inhospitable.
New tent! Woo, not typing about this again so bugger off and read it from the other two diaries.
Love ya!

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Ju_Bps week 9

Looking good buddy :male-farmer::evergreen_tree:

deFharo week 9

Rebellion! :heart::smiling_imp:


@Jobbie, I agree! :+1:


@deFharo The biggest act of rebellion today is to stop listening to the lies, plot your own life course and be the change you want to see.

PapaNugs week 9

Nice tent! The Migro array 4 is awesome. I love my array 8. I'd also consider the mars sp3000 for a 2x4 grow tho


It is the sort of Industry approach people need to support. :green_heart:


@Jobbie, for sure! Shane is the man. That's why I bought the array 8. Honest reviews and transparency. Refreshing in today's world and I support that!!


Thanks friend, I looked at the Mars Hydro stuff but for some weird reason have a hard on for the Migro stuff, guess it came from when Shane used to go on Grocast and talked about his yearly reviews and how his own brand rarely won best in year, that sort of honesty was refreshing. They are also kind of local to me. Thanks for the review! :green_heart: