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Dinamed too late ?

3 months ago
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Dinafem - Dinamed CBD Autoflowering
Dinamed CBD Autoflowering

Growing it




Harvest day 77 (day 70 according to the breeder). Strong strain since the first day. Interesant phenotype variance between 3 seeds I cultivated. Although I started in mid-August (northern hemisphere) and the temperatures and sun hours have not been too much, dinamed has taken the best of herself.
The internodal distance is very short. Perhaps it is because the nighttime temperature compared to the daytime is quite high. During the nights, the plant slept inside the house.
He suffered a small bout of botrytis due to the work of the worms. I found and annihilated 2 of them.
Without a doubt, and waiting for the effects and the flavour once dried and cured, I will repeat again.
I will update! (and I probably change rating)

The Outcome
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
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100% Sativa
0% Indica

I qualify for three stars because I do not have much experience in the crop. I also want to wait to taste it to know the possible waste that can be found. For fear of over fertilizing, I applied less amount than recommended by the manufacturer and this would be unfair to qualify as good or bad. It's my fault.

I planted the seed in mid-August. Apparently a little late.
The biggest problem has been that the plant has not enjoyed many hours of direct sunlight and that the temperature at the end of the crop has been quite low. The arrival of autumn has also meant that many days had been rainy. However, the plant never received direct rainwater.
On the other hand, when planting a little late, the involvement of red spider or aphid has been null.
I have applied nettle slurry and horsetail treatments to the leaves. Basically in the time of vegetative growth. One of my mistakes was sprayed on the flowers with a dissolution of potassium soap and neem oil. The flowers were affected and it took a week to recover. Very valuable time in autoflowering varieties.
Next time I have to keep in mind that irrigating with rainwater I will have to control the addition of calcium and magnesium.

The effectiveness of yellow and blue adhesive traps has been remarkable, overtaking against the whitefly attack and trips.0

Grow Questions
Jeanpol week 6 started grow question 5 months ago
Can someone tell me if the flowers are burned? the ends of the pistils are brown. It may be that the treatment with potassium soap has damaged the pistils? I always apply them in hours without sun. Thank you very much !!
Other General Questions
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Stick answered grow question 5 months ago
Hi @Jeanpol! Yep, those pistils didn't like your treatment. Avoid spraying anything onto buds, especially chemicals, you may ruin your final product, or even worst, loose your yield. As soon as pre flowers are building up, don't spray, but you can use a sponge to deploy your treatment onto leaves, if really needed (it takes more time but don't harm the bud-sites) I think they will recover if you stop spraying, but those buds might be affected and you may loose some weight. Keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
Jeanpol week 10 started grow question 4 months ago
When should I make the harvest (according to the colour of the trichomes) if I want to get the maximum of CBD? Some people say THC is degraded in CBD (late harvest), some say it is the opposite (early harvest ). I'm not interested in CBN. I would like to get the maximum of CBD. Thank you !!
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Athos answered grow question 4 months ago
Degrading THC turns into CBN, not CBD. For CBD strains you harvest as normal, when thricomes turn white/milky
DinafemSeeds week 11

Congratulations on a successful Dinafem harvest on the grow diary platform mate :+1:

When we say 70 days this is an estimate. Sometimes 65 days others 75 and with outdoor I tend to find plants especially autoflowering genetics tend to take 10-25% longer to finish :v:

A nice looking harvest filled with CBD goodness :ok_hand:

Great outdoor grow with a great result :facepunch:

All the best


iMeus week 11

That's a frosty sativa ;)

Can I have a taste :heart_eyes:

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