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Wi-Fi OG - My Story about The 4 Beast's

2 months ago
Quick Kush Dinafem
GHE Nutrients
Canna Nutrients
Plagron Nutrients
Atami Nutrients
Room Type
LED (250W)
Vegetation Lights
HID (250W,400W)
Flowering Lights
Dinafem - Quick Kush
Quick Kush

Growing it




Nice smoke even after just few days of curing it becomes really smooth and gets that, smokey citrusy pine and earthy like taste at least thats what im tasting now.. growing was super easy, girls didnt wanna yellow but were able to give me some supreme smoke at the end anyway so i recommend this smoke for everyone who have not tried it, it is really interesting and i never smoked anything like that before in my life! i love nearly all weed strains but this one just like the tangie from the last grow, i threat it special because it is.. in every aspect great medicine for my migranes and sleep but i am also able to continue dialy tasks while smoking it even tho it is a heavyweight strain to smoke and its loaded with thrichomes and beautiful smell.:heart_eyes: harvested day 59.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
4 plants
Number of plants harvested
1 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

did not see any difference i flushed for over a week and nothing happened smoke is a little smoother but not sure if it because of it really..

i saw that my plants liked it alot.

Well well... This grow was an intersting one ! i got a SCROG net i did some defioliation and i learned absolutely huge amount of things about growing my cannabis the girls grew so well that i didnt worry too much and did my research in peace!:ok_hand:

In these 13 weeks all together my life has changed alot, cant say if for better but this plant will help to bring a few smiles back for sure!

Backbuilding: I did some backbulding that i read about on 420magazine and decided to try it last grow, i tried it again and it worked! so for me it confirmed that backbuilding works and it works magic!

SCROG: scrog.. i liked it but i dont know if i will do it again personally... i wanted to get my plants out of the tent but i was not able to do so, and I had to get rid of the scrog net to flush my girls properly like they should be flushed did i gain something or did i lose something? i am not sure but it was for sure some great experience and i think you guys should try it if you are not worried about having to flush your plants like i had to.

Genetics: A few words from myself about the genetcis that i grew and that i am smoking... i cant complain about the smoke that is for sure, its OG Kush, but one thing that i found kind of hard in this grow was being able to manipulate the branches but OG is known for growing super long lower branches. Growing it was so easy that i did not think too much about overfeeding or underfeeding my plants, they stayed in great shape all the time and looked healthy, all the way till the end of their life,

Coco Coir And Buffering.
In my first grow i did not wash or buffer my coco at all and i learned my lesson with the dutch passions blueberry, after i washed the coco with some ligtly warm water and then buffered it 2X times for 8 hours with tap water and calmag and it gave me exactly what i needed! a full spectrum of control that every new grower should try to learn more about those beautiful plants.

Lamps and wattage:
So.. i used 630watts of power from the wall however.. i might have done it too late into flower as i did it 3 weeks in if i remember correctly and i can bet i would get even better results if i did it a bit earlier but next time when i connect an LED with a HPS in the same tent, its going to look a little bit different then before.. we all learn out lessons.

Trimming jaring etc.
I had to dry all the plants for about 8/9 days for them to be perfectly the way i wanted them, trimming was a hard work, it took me a few days and it gave me a few grey hairs but well.. those hours of work rewarded me with a bud that is legendery:alien:

Happy growing everyone! and thank you for the support, God Bless !:innocent:
Song for today Rick James Mary Jane -00

Grow Questions
JJjunior week 1 started grow question 5 months ago
when to start giving them calmag?
Other General Questions
Spinner answered grow question 5 months ago
In coco you need to start cal mag when you start feeding :blush::+1:
JJjunior week 6 started grow question 4 months ago
I had a horrible Accident and one of the fans fell down on one of my plants and broke the top of the main stepโ€like toppingโ€ and Its in 4 days bloom is it worth keeping and trying to fix it? It broke it nearly clean off Seal it back together?
Other General Questions
LaBOSSANOVA answered grow question 4 months ago
Hey JJ , sorry to hear about this accident ! The good news is that you're growing a photoperiod, so it's much more "forgiving" than an auto. What I suggest is to keep the plant, and all the good work you put into it, but "re-veg" it by increasing the light schedule back to 18/6 or something, and keep it in veg for a few more weeks maybe 2 or better yet, 3 weeks. It will have time to recover again and then when you've flipped it back into flower afterwards it will have been "monster-cropped" which is when you flip between flower and veg a few times, leading to much bigger yields. It will take a bit longer than planned, but it will be shorter than starting over, and in the end probably much bigger yields, so that's a good thing right? Hope this helps ! :rocket:
JJjunior week 11 started grow question 3 months ago
can i chop plants if after 16 days of flush the leaves dont go yellow? will this mean more poor quality of the end product? my girls just dont wanna yellow for some reason they are tough and its day 9 of flush i think and i cant see deficiency whatsoever
Leaves Veins of Leaves Stay Green
Show all Answers (1)
LaBOSSANOVA answered grow question 3 months ago
Hey JJjunior , senescence is a good but not necessary process : if it happens, then great, if it doesnt then it's okay, most important is the trichomes, if they're ready then you're good for the chop ! great work on the long flush btw, you'll see how smooth the smoke it ! hope this helps ! :rocket:
DinafemSeeds week 12

Another Quick Kush harvest on the grow diary platform and some lovely colours coming through prior to harvest :ok_hand:

Congratulations on the harvest my friend and thank you for choosing our genetics for this adventure :+1:

The time has come to sit back and enjoy that dank and frosty end product :ok_hand:

Thank you for the diary my friend and I hope to see you growing more Dinafem strains in the near future :+1:

All the best :v:



@DinafemSeeds, Hey Mark! Thank you for the kind words, im actually chilling wit a backwoods right now and enjoying the smoke after this whole adventure! :D

alanwaters week 12

Congrats. Awesome looking bud!


@alanwaters, Thanks man! :D

Puffer_Bill week 12

You have harvested awesomely. Gr:8ball: genetics and gr:8ball: farmer. :male-construction-worker::tractor:
I'm super pleased the smoke will help your migraines. I :heart: hearing how marijuana helps people with their conditions. It certainly helps me.
Ps I have been looking at back building tutorials. Smart.



Cannabis is one of lifes greatest secrets destined to help many people in so many different ways. That i find, just so uber amazing.


@Puffer_Bill, Thanks for the kind words man! cannabis is for sure the greatest natural medicine when it comes to all kinds of this stuff from cancer to insomnia when i saw how it helps all people with those symptoms and decided to try it and it helped me aswell! what an amazing plant my friend, and backbuilding is a pretty cool trick i agree, my friends were very impressed by the look of the buds they become really nice after this method.:innocent: happy growing! :ok_hand:

bird_of_prey week 12

hey my friend !! what a great diary :+1::+1: with gorgeous buds porn to the end :kissing_heart:
thx for all things we shared :raised_hands:

wishing that everything goes well for you buddy !! :pray:

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