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dutdut started grow question 5 years ago
1 Gallon rootball. I need advise from the experts. I’ve grown trees in 2 gallon bags but I want to try growing the same plants downsized a pot. What are your experiences growing in fabric pots and coco and how does pot size effect rootmass/yields
Amensia XXL - Dinafem (Harvest update)
19 weeks
Amensia XXL - Dinafem (Harvest update) dutdut
Amnesia XXL Auto
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Week 2
Techniques. Defoliation
mad_scientist answered grow question 5 years ago
Hello @dutdut ! People have the misconception that a big pot is always better and bigger pot means more yield. That's not true at least not always. I have managed to pull 250 grams from auto flower at 10 liter fiber pots while some other guy might have a 20 l and pull 100 grams. When you use smaller pots your first enemy is root bound but this will happen only if you are using plastic pots and not fiber. When roots grow and penetrate the fabric of the pot and have contact with dry air and light they die while in plastic pot that never happens and roots growing and twist around the pot. So the roots at fabric pots are self pruning. Also fabric pots give a huge air flow to your growing medium and your roots create many many root hairs ( root hairs are the part of the root that actually absorb nutrients while the root is just a channel to move them ) Your other enemy is that when growing in small pot roots take almost all of the space inside the pot and the soil can't absorb water. So you need to water very often or use an auto watering system and you also need to use more nutrients.Happy growing ! :facepunch:
growdoctordc answered grow question 5 years ago
@IndoorOrganix suggested “However, Extra oxygen is the key to healthier roots...”
I’ve experienced quantifiable results using an aquarium pump and air stone in the bottom of fabric pots of soil. 24/7 Fresh air to the roots. Result: she feeds more and grows bigger. Kind of a hybrid between soil and DWC. I’m a soil man for the flavors that simply cannot be achieved in hydro
IndoorOrganix answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi dutdut, I agree with SpinnerGrow. The smaller the pot size, the smaller the plant, the smaller the yield. However, Extra oxygen is the key to healthier roots. And of course, healthier plants and we all know healthy plants produce higher yields. Fabric pots allow more oxygen to the roots which can help with overwatering. They also don’t hit the ‘wall’ of a hard pot so they do not ‘choke’ the plant.
Best of luck with your decision! Usually, the bigger the better, right?:smirk:
OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
Hello ! So a smaller pot will get you a smaller plant , in both coco and soil ! But in coco you need a pot 3 time smaller than is soil so a 1 gallon coco pot will be the same as a 3 gallon soil pot. According to me the yield will be lower with the 1 gallon bag but will remain descent. About the coco / fabric pot combo , I noticed that that fabric pot will help the plant to build a stronger roots system , the medium aeretion will be increased and the yield will be better. Hope it will help you :grin::+1: