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KilgoreTrout started grow question 4 years ago
I grow my plants at half of the feed schedule that canna calls for. 5ml/gallon vs the schedule 10 ml/gal. And I get amazing growth. Does anyone think adding all the adjuncts to my grow, feeding full strength really gives you that much more yeild?
Winter 2018/19
21 weeks
Winter 2018/19 KilgoreTrout
Black Domina
70 comments · 4 years ago
Week 10
Techniques. Defoliation
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Don't follow a set feeding schedule. Keep in mind that the nutrients needs of a plant under 1000 watts are going to be different than one under 250 and that's before taking into account type of light and environmental differences. If 5 ml/gal gives you a healthy plant then keep at it, don't increase the feed, unless you start seeing signs of deficiency. Yield depends on light, not nutes. Don't buy into the additives hype, they are unnecessary and from experience I have never noticed any difference yield wise.
Green_Friends_Inc answered grow question 4 years ago
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey @kilgoretrout , i promise you this bro : chelation agents especially humic and fluvic acid will 100% increase your yield for sure for sure. lol I learned this later in my grow but basically that's all the CannaBoost is . This is the secret that no one tell you about , amino acids and humic and fluvic acid break down the nutrients (which actually the plant cant consume) into nitrates which the plant can use. Even one or two days after adding it you see results, it's pretty crazy. Same with molasses, super cheap, dont need much, but the plants blow up if you use it correctly... silica also helps especially in the begging ... PK from canna works too ... i noticed a very obvious increase in frosting when i used it almost the next day... if i had to choose some extras i would start with canna boost and i would take the PK for sure. the rest is bonus . hope that helps ! :rocket:
HighTV answered grow question 4 years ago
Nice work so far @KilgoreTrout! If your question is: "do adjuncts actually help get better yield" then of course they can! However if your questions is "are adjuncts worth it for me in my situation" that question is a little more complicated. Overall the best thing you can do for a plant is NOT hurt it. If your plants look healthy and green right now then I would change absolutely nothing until they ask you to by showing you signs. Overall less is more with some strains and adding more adjuncts could hurt your grow by giving them nutrient burn, its best to figure these things out with little increases at a time. I wouldn't touch anything especially if you are confident with the current growth as is. (You may want to think about flipping to flower, because those plants are going to double in size and take over that SCROG)