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Tonino started grow question 3 years ago
as you can see the main stem has been split in half so I am wondering if I should intervene or just let it heal on its own she don't seem to be suffering want do you guys think ?
18 weeks
CBD Hash Plant
53 comments · 3 years ago
Week 6
Techniques. Defoliation
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there @Tonino I realized this question is quite old, but you haven't yet closed it. Perhaps you were wanting more information? As @MUDBUG alluded to, this is actually a method some people use and claim boosts THC production called Stem/stalk splitting. The idea is fairly basic in theory: Make the plant think its dying so it over produces hormones and overcompensates in a fight or flight mechanism. I have seen numerous posts and grows with it over the years, but I have not personally tried this method. Obviously your situation was a mistake and the positioning of the split was not optimal, but I figured you should know that generally you don't see a negative from this with a healthy plant in terms of end yield. :sunglasses: Hope I helped resolve your question! If not feel free to hit me up anytime!
Skunk_Life85 answered grow question 3 years ago
I usually use hemp twine to wrap a split area up, it helps with adhesive from tape not leaching into the stock and gives better air circulation to the area vs. tape. Give some support to the area and mend the broken area. Leave it wrapped up for about 2-3 weeks while it repairs itself. Just my opinion...
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
I would aid her in mending ! I wouldn't just leave her like that yes it could have positive results but why take risks like that when your this far along ? I would mend her up and help facilitate the healing process . I dunno thats it's much information I've given you but thats 100% the route I would take to avoid any complications that may come along ! -Happy Growing!
Drtomb answered grow question 3 years ago
Typically I like to repair right away with some paint masking tape. If it's really bad I'll even put some rooting gel/powder in the break.
MUDBUG answered grow question 3 years ago
I would split her again i should of sent u this thru a message but the more splits u put the more thc she will produce:shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Ive had 2 repairs to splits down the middle, 1 i tapped and tied back together and she grew on like normal. The second repaired herself without any help from straps or tape, but she had a big scar. I know if you put some aloe vera on the wound it'll help it to repair better...the only worry is too much air or any other debris getting into the split. Many growers purposely break their plants and use that stress to train the plant in a way they like. If she's not showing signs of dying(leaves etc) you may just be fine to let her be.
Happy growing, your pics this week look so healthy. :v:
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @Tonino! This happens more often than you think :laughing:You can (you SHOULD) fix it with duck-tape / electrical-tape, otherwise your main stems may fall down and you'll loose your crop. Plants tend to recover pretty well from almost anything but a little help with tape will prevent from any disaster to come. Happy growing :facepunch:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Maah thats bad. normally the plant does it by herself. But if you can get take Propolis( from Bees) and put it onto the wound, you can seal it whith beeswax too ( warming the beeswax in your hand) . Propolis is a natural Antibiotika. keeps away bacterias happy growing. If you dont can get those things try to get some Treewax, whre you can seal wounds if you cut an branch fom an tree
mad_scientist answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello @Tonino ! The woond looks a little bit dry so i think its a little bit late to do anything. I would let it as it is. I am pretty sure it won't have a problem. Happy growing ! :facepunch:
DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 3 years ago
I’d wrap it with painters tape. That may help the plant to heal, but if not at least it will keep the inside of the main stem sealed and protected. Good luck :+1:
Aldanil answered grow question 3 years ago
Same thing happened to me. I used some duct tape, like Bulbi suggested and it worked great. Try to remove as much stress as possible from the affected broken part. She looks healthy, but it's still a wound and you should treat it accordingly
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
the plant looks fine but inside she is screaming haha, you definitely want to help the plant heal. If you don't know how: just use some thick duct tape to make a plant cast (like your broken arm's cast) and it will help the plants heal and start focusing on flowering - good luck !