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StonedSurfer started grow question 4 years ago
Any recomendation are welcome :)
9 weeks
FirstGrow StonedSurfer
+2 strains
8 comments · 4 years ago
Week 3
Other. Bugs
HighTV answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi there stoned surfer I figured you might be looking for some more opinions before you close this questions out, so here are my recommendations! :sunglasses: In terms of the Grow - towards the earlier stages you are going to want to get those humidity levels up to 40-60% and decrease it as the plant gets older and has enough roots to get the water its needs. This is the main problem you were seeing early one that stunted growth! Now In terms of the Diary itself - You did a fantastic job! I highly recommend you add a Smoke review to the strain on the harvest page and in the future if you add a little more information you could totally enter into Diary of the month for rewards! I hope these recommendations help you improve your grows and diaries in the future my friend :sunglasses:
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Your buds are looking great! Thanks for the nice close up shots on the last 2 pics. Are you gonna harvest the blue dream and let the other 2 go a little longer? That blue dream looks so close to ready....are you still giving all those nutrients to it? It looks like at least the ones getting close to only needing your minimal bud sweeteners or start flushing?
Happy harvesting. For a first grow you did a bad ass job.
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi @StonedSurfer ! Well, first, I'd recommend to take pictures outside of the grow room, or when the lights are off. It's hard for us to diagnose your plants with that pink light, picture is overexposed and we cannot distinguish details. Secondly, your temperature is a bit high, if you can't find a way to cool it down, make sure your airflow inside the tent is perfect and the relative humidity is high enough (+50%), otherwise your babies might burn. Thirdly, one of the things I learnt the hard way: don't work on autos too soon, your babies are way too young to be bent like this. This is counter-productive with autoflowers, unless you follow a specific schedule for your operations, you might hurt the plant and loose potential bud sites. The rule with LST is "keep it simple and dont overdo". Finally, your EC is a bit high for such young autos, and I don't understand why you are giving blooming nutrients to a plant in vegetative stage? You should slow down on nutrients intakes otherwise you risk a toxicity, or a lockout. Hope this will help, I'll be around, keep us up-to-date, and happy growing :facepunch:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi Soned Surfer, as the others already said, your temp is quite high, maybe you find a cooler Place for your Growsetup. Or cooling down with asmall AC. Second your Humidity is to low. Temperature and humudity go Hand in Hand. To get good results both should b e in a Range. In every stage its another Range here if have anice shedule for you to look for your actual range you should try to keep:::: I cant say anything to your plant because of the LIght... if i would do it would be guesing. For aplant diagnose a picture in natural LIght is needed. If you add some Pics the community can tell you something about the Plant---- happy growing
ScarfaceGuerrilla answered grow question 4 years ago
Ya man,

Humidity is to low- keep 60-70% in VEG, buying a humidifier would be wise, it will also cool down your grow a little bit
Hope you have any ventilation ;)

Temp can be 29-30*C in my opinion since grow rooms with LED should be run warmer than with HPS/CFL, know that from autopsy and also blackdogled made a study which is available to read on their web site (and lot's of other usefull stuff)

Fun fact- when day/night temperature is keeped on a close level the plant will grow denser with tigher internodal distance- this means dense hard nugs in flower ;)

Good luck
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey man i had a similar problem to you early on with the temperature. you might want to add a fan or something just to keep the temperature down a few degrees. If you don't it will lengthen your grow time by several weeks. The humidity should be around 60%+ too, for flower it s a bit lower, but you want it a bit higher right now. Beyond that just be careful with the lights, but looks good so far. you've started the bloom nutes a bit early, which might lead to N def down the line. and be sure to add cal mag now and then. a bit of molasses wont do you no harm either, and it's bio ! Good luck growmie !
Aldanil answered grow question 4 years ago
Temperature is too high, both for day a night. Consequently humidity is rather on the low side. Do you know the relationship between temperature and relative humidity? If not, I'd recommend you read about that.

Try to push down the temperature both for day and night about 5°C-6°C. If you can't then at least try to raise the humidity to at least 55%-60%. The younger your girls are, the more humidity they require.

Also it would help if you post pictures under a more natural kind of light.

Hope it helps.