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uomosenzanome started grow question 3 years ago
Mildew/mould forming between buds. Do I just chop and throw away or should I treat somehow.

I have already chopped alot off just to be safe
Week 14
Techniques. ScrOG
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there so there are a variety of ways of attacking pm or mold, neem oil of coarse can do it but leaves a smell so you have to be careful too far into flowering using that. Milk is a safe and good option also, but dilute your milk and water 10 to 1 ration. Many of your bicarbonate solutions will be very effective too sodium or potassium, but the sodium bicarbonate i know best and works good (baking soda) you'll want to mix it with other items because on its own it wont work. Take a gallon of water and add about 1 tablespoon of the baking soda, a teaspoon of either liquid soap or insecticidal soap, and another teaspoon of a dormant oil (you can buy a horticultural oil, otherwise mineral or vegetable oil can work.) And then spray the plants every week or 2.
You can even use mouthwash or apple cider vinegar as well. Even spraying your plant with straight water makes the spores have a difficult time forming, but you'd need drying time after.
The options is recomend are either the milk, the baking soda mix, or the vinegar(just dilute well and dont use too often). You can even try a combination of a few techniques. Best of luck youve done good by at least trying to eliminate spores in whatever means necessary...sometimes cutting is the only option readily available. I hope you can resolve this. :v:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! Well you d'ont need to throw away anything , look at the George cervantes method : ! It's a bit "savage" but it works for him so it can work for you. I hope it will help you :grin::raised_hands: