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Fabhz started grow question 3 years ago
Is it possible to provide a few hours pf artificial light to an auto growing outdoors? If it is, which is the best way to do it?
Week 5
Techniques. Defoliation
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! If you can do it then no doubt you should do it. The best way to do it ( to me ) is to put your plant inside just before the last light of the sun to make a continuous day before the night. If your daytime is 12h of sun then add 6h of light to reach a total of 18 ( you can go for 20 if you want , if you go 24h then you will need extra magnesium). I hope it will help you :grin::v::+1:
DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey fabhz, I see why you're trying to put more light on this lady : to get the plant bigger and fatter right ? Problem is that you're in a 1L pot , the plant is 5CM at week 5 already 3 weeks into flowering my friend ! Much of the yield depends on the size of the roots and your plants roots have simply reached the edges of the pots already. It's basically too late to repot it or really even add much light to it. Next grow may i suggest a nice 15/20L pot, and a little nutrients. You'll see a huge difference even outdoors. If you want to add more light anyway, one thing you can do cheaply is use garden floodlights stack them up so it's shinning one the plant around 20CM away. Good luck man :rocket: