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Beerus started grow question 4 years ago
Day 49 of 77, the top of the plant is touching the LED panel. Yellow tips on the top leaves.(pics above) It hasn't stop growing. Right now im bending it with thread, i researched about suppercroping. I would love some help on the matter. What should i do?
Auto Daiquiri Lime - First Grow
12 weeks
Auto Daiquiri Lime - First Grow Beerus
Auto Daiquiri Lime
26 comments · 4 years ago
Week 7
Other. Mold
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Just like you I had to learn to suppercrop this grow. It's really not that hard and along with LST it helped
1. You need to do it on a still pliable stem; I've done it over most of the flowering stretch.
2. Put the stem between your thumb and forefinger and apply pressure until you feel / hear a snap / crunch.
3. The stem will have a bend of aprox 90°
4. In a few days the you will notice that the branch will try to out itself in an upright position again, so I recommend that you some tying down.
5. Done.

Tip: If you do some defoliation in a branch it it will stop growing while it regrow it's foliage (just don't leave it bare)