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Johnnyb__blazin started grow question 5 years ago
Today I gave my plants a watering with half the recommended feeding and in was 760ppm and I got 2800 ppm in the runoff???? No burnt tips and they seem to be growing
First grow
15 weeks
First grow Johnnyb__blazin
Glueberry O.G.
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Week 5
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OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
It's common in coco with mineral food , as coco require feeding at each watering so you'r gonna experiment some salt build-up if she's eating less than what you give , I had that issue with my coco attempt. I would low my nutrient input until the runoff value get lower ( 50% for the 2 next watering ) and then feed as usual or just a bit less than usual and if It's ok then increase the level and check the runoff to correct the input :blush:
souljasam answered grow question 5 years ago
Have you been watering to 20%+ runoff? It sounds like salts have built up in your medium. This typically happens when you don't put enough water through your pots to flush out old nutes while providing fresh nutes. It may also mean you are overfeeding and the plants cant use everything being provided. Seeing as the plants seem fine right now I wouldn't recommend a full flush. Lower your nute dosage to about half what you have been doing and water 2-3x your normal volume. Measure runoff afterward. Do this every watering until the ppm is more in line with where it needs to be. Once you have your runoff ppm where you want it, resume a higher dose of nutrients making sure you water enough to get 20%+ of runoff. I usually shoot for 30% runoff just to be safe.
Stick answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi @Johnnyb__blazin! You're having salt buildups in your coco. You can keep on feeding at very low EC/ppm for a few days, or give it a good flush with only plain pH'd water before going back to a reasonable feeding schedule. The first solution is the less risky one if you don't want to create any deficiency, but make sure you always have a good runoff so the medium can be purged. Hope this will help, happy growing :facepunch: