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greenmeanie26 started grow question 3 years ago
I seem to keep having issues with different pests and I use neem oil to kill when I notice anything, but does anyone have any good products that they use for preventative measures?
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DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
look man if you have a recurring problem and you fix it with the same thing and it keeps happening then the fix is not "in" as it were right? the problem with neem is that there is no active ingredient in neem. So what s actually working is the oil part of the thing... Anyway there are a few things you can do some work some dont work like neem or chemical pesticides. To be honest it really depends on the kind of specific pests that you're encountering. Some people use a fogger but you have to make sure the active ingredients are safe for human consumption and respect a decent time between the time of spray and the time oh harvest. For things like white flies you can use something like hydrogen peroxyde with is actually all that is inside something called "flawless finish" and other "flushing agents". it kills everything in the soil though. I much much much prefer to use fully bio fully organic methods, i call it biological warfare. for something against worms and larvae i use BT aka bacillus Thuringiensis . For spider mites and white flies etc i use Beauveria Bassiana and Metarrhizium ... the good thing about this is that you dont need to wait until outbreak you can use them as a preventative measure and prevent the issues from rearing their ugly heads in the first place. Also these can help the soil life and the root zone, so what 's not to like ?
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
The methods already mentioned are great. I just also wanted to add that you can use cinnamon/ cinnamon tea sprays. most bugs hate the smell of it, similar to why having companion plants like basil and others help to keep bugs away the smell is a natural deterrent method the plants use so why not take advantage of it:blush:. when i notice a sign of root aphid for example i will mix a tiny bit some cinnamon in with some soil; 1tbsp to a litre of soil or something like that I often play around with the measurements and kinda do a top dress over the current soil to give it a layer of cinnamon smelling soil it helps prevent them from wanting to go into the soil and lay eggs it's not a 100% but it deff helps as a preventative. You can also make a cinnamon tea spray by boiling some distilled or R/O water and once it has reached a boil pour it into a jug that you can mix cinnamon into. I forget the ratio of cinnamon to gallon of water there so many recipes that have different ratios but I would do atleast 4-5tbsp per gall if not a lil more. then stir and let sit 12-24hrs. 24 is best but 12 will work. once its room temp you will see how the water change to a redish brown color strain the solution. and then you can use it in a similar manner as neem oil. It's just not as harsh and cheaper. its a good trick for if you notice the start of a bug trying to infest when its not really severe enough to stress the plants with neem oil or others of the sort. you can also add surfactants to the solution if you want but that is up to you:+1: Happy Growing
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
The best prevention to keep away gnats and moldering is a good watering regime, You can use neem oil as preservative too.. its stinking like hell. you can use flowers and herbs like geranium, basil and marigold. These are smelly plants you give put it in your growrrom as "companygrow"
A friend of me uses cannacure, and he swears on it. I havent tested it yet..............................
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
You could get some of those time released sachets and they'll release over several weeks. It might be that some of the pests could be predators? But suffoil-x is great for several bugs and powdery mildew. Theres also green cleaner (don't confuse with simple green for household) but add "plants" in the search bar.
You could always buy some lacewing bugs, they only live a few weeks so they wouldn't be a problem in the grow space for long...especially when you get larva of certain predators it works best. Then some sticky cards at the soil level and hanging above the plants can help find out what and how much you have.:v: