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JBOrganix started grow question 3 years ago
Looking for a suggestion, check the photos of the lights for the details. My space is a 4L×2W×5T. Just wondering if anyone has experience with a similar space and running LED system with either 300w or 600w. I'd like to go the distance.
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there ive got a 4x5x2 going right now too, with 2 300 leds. It was going good with 1 when the plants were smaller, but once they got a little bigger they needed their own light. This rose the temperature and i needed to add on a 4 in intake duct fan, it helped but lowered humidity intensely. My 2 36 inch plants are handling the light well but also running out of decent light to plant definitely lst or top etc and you'll have much more room to work with and maybe won't battle some slight light burn like mine. Especially with the bump up to the 600 watt light you'll definitely want to keep the plants as low and flat canopy as possible. Good luck with the new gear. Love the baller dollar dome lol.:v:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi look for the recommondation of the lightcompany. Otherwise you got to test it. The very young seedlings dont need big lights until they are 3 weeks old. Go with the lower wattage in the beginning. And you got to check out the distance. if youtr girls get leggy its to far away
Or later if you go with the higher wattage, you see that you got the right distance if there is a good space between the nodes, if they are to close together you got to rise the light( or lower wattage)
Take care look for lightburn................................................
For seedlings i use 2x26 Watt led very close to them. But every grower does it different. But never to near and full power