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KillerKthulu started grow question 3 years ago
any thoughts on Cal mag and molasses with fox farm trio?? :thinking_face: And one of my gorilla Zkittles looks like she's flowering and ive had no issues with the lights besides having the light on for 24 hrs one night and it's used to 18/6 and I've been giving veg nutesonly,sowhat's goin on?
Week 9
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OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
What is going on / going wrong is that your plant is not a Photoperiodic one because a photo can flower with only 12h of light ( to be honest it can flower with 13h ) but 18h of lights and a bud production means one and only think : the plant isn't photo dependent.
Now you have 2 way to see that issue, or your batch of seeds is an auto one so they will flower under 18/6 ! Or barney's used an automatic strain or a strain with the auto gene in the cross to reduce the flowering time and unfortunately it ended up being unstable. Whatever the solution is it sucks and you should ask for a replacement as you paid for photoperiodic plants
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
well, the only possible thing is, that your Gorilla Zkittlez is an automatic plant... that happens....Ive seen it a few times, but it happens, that seeds are changed