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HiMonkeys started grow question 3 years ago
Anything you guys think i should do before i harvest this girl? how do you guys think she is looking so far? any tips ? how to you guys like to flush your plants? do you add any additives to your water for better flush?
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Auto Colorado Cookies first sucess HiMonkeys
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Week 10
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OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello bro ! I don't use any additive to help with my flush but I heard that they was really effective. I flush with plain water and I poor water until the runoff becomes clear ( it is supposed to be brown then become clearer ) and I stop watering until harvest. I know that some growers are removing fan leaves the same day they flush to redirect all the energy in the buds. Now about your girls they looks healthy, with a bunch of trichomes to watch under a magnifier to know the exact maturation stage and I think that your leaves are not too dark which is a good sign at this stage because the flush could makes them yellowing a bit so your buds will have less chlorophyll so no harsh taste . I hope it will help you bro :grin::facepunch:
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Good question @bloodclaat! You want to flush you Soil plants for 1-2 weeks -- any longer than that and you are losing valuable growth time. 3 weeks is to long. Flushing additives can actually be really useful especially when you are dealing with a lockout issue or other issues through the cycle, because most flush additives assist in breaking down nutrient salt deposits and create better airflow through the soil. I haven't seen a noticeable benefit from flushing with additives right before harvest as apposed to the normal flush you give the plant before harvest. Flushing additives just saves you time. I advise against any sort of stem splitting or High stress training at this stage, because it will undeniably hurt your plants final product. High Stress training like stem splitting requires time for recovery and seeing how far along your plant is I recomend against this. If you want a smoother tasting smoke then 24-48 hours of darkness leading into harvest stops the photosynthesis and creates better tasting smoke. Hope I helped with your question bloodclaat! Feel free to ask anything else or for a clarification. :sunglasses:
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey man i feel like you've got another week maybe two before the chop based on the trychome pic you posted. I see you've started the flush which is fine. Personally i do add additives to the flush because it does work better actually - i used cannazym but you can use basically any chelation agent. Just some tips for the flush - as you're in soil you want a two to three week plain water flush, but since it's so long, you don't really need to properly runoff loads of water, just water until runoff works fine. Second you want to time your chop based on your humidity, low humidity <35% chop on day after watering 35-55% chop a couple of days after the last watering 60%+ then you should wait 4 days after the last watering to get the right dryness going. some folks like to split the stem of the plant, like damage the plant near the end, to make the plant think it's under attack and to force it to produce more terpenes and trychomes ... i like doing that too : check out "stem splitting" technique. You're on the right track bro, no long now, did somebody say "Merry Christmas " ? :rocket:
Bluesbreeder answered grow question 3 years ago
looking very Frosty.
i flush 1 week with A.N. Flawless finish and my weed always taste smooth .
i could see a difference from when i started using Flawless finish that it makes the weed taste better.
So recommend it