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growlab started grow question 3 years ago
We’re using all living soil rich with castings, mycorrhizae, sea compost and gaia green 4-4-4. We’ve only been feeding water but just wondering is anyone nutrient feeds on top of using living soil?
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Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Well the idea on living soil is not to add nutes if not necessary and the best no.. because of your soil. I would watch the little darlings and watch out for any defiencys / excess. you can always support your darlings with aloewater, molasses, magnesium, calcium, silicea, macha. spirulina, and some trichoderma to entic the soil with more benefical bacterias. if you should see any defiency ( around flowering time) you can give her organic fertilisers, but you already use gaia green, that should be more than enough...