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Paulbos1992 started grow question 3 years ago
I have these LED 200 led lighting. But the box doesn't say how much power that is. I tried the internet but can't really figure out if this is the right amount... any ideas?
Utopia Haze (first grow)
9 weeks
Utopia Haze (first grow) Paulbos1992
Utopia Haze
4 comments · 2 years ago
Week 1
Techniques. Defoliation
Denzul answered grow question 3 years ago
It is most likely in the 25-50w range. This is the rough guess of the "true wattage" which is the actual watts being pulled from the wall and used. Just a real rough guess based off of what other budget LED puck lights cost.

Most LED manufactures advertise watts and not true watts because the number is higher so looks better. But the 200watts its advertised at is wmthe maximume the bulbs in the light could handle. They are never ran near max, specially with budget LED lamps.

Good LED manufactures will list their true wattage in the product description. Most knockoff Chinese leds wont list this anywhere and requires special electrical testing equipment to determine.

But these still have their place. I started growing with a "600W" LED which actually had a true wattage just over 200 once tested out. Was still great to start my growing hobby.

If my guess is correct and it is under 100 true watts you will want to add more light. While you can probably bring these babies all the way through with it after months of effort I'm not sure you'll like the reward.

A general growers rule of thumb for good growers is a return of 1g per 1 true watt of power. And many good growers cant even hot this. So a optimistic yield would for your light would be 60ish grams if my guess on true power is correct and everything else is correct. But for new growers a more realistic goal is 1 gram per 2 true watts used.

When determining how much light you need Many growers also like to use the general rule of 50-70 true watts of light per square foot.

But all of this is improvements on your current set up. With more info on your light I could more accurately tell you what it's TRUE power is. If you still have the box or pics of it/the light.

Hope atleast some of this was benificial for you. Best of luck with your grow and any questions just ask. Kind of an LED nerd