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Denzul started grow question 3 years ago
How much longer would you say? Posted some trich pictures the best I could. Thanks in advance for any help.
Week 10
Techniques. Defoliation
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
It's always hard to tell from cell phone photos. They tend to make the trichomes look whiter than they really are than if you checked them with the naked eye. Personally I use a 40x jewelers loupe with an LED light you can get them pretty cheap off amazon. Don't wast your time with the little microscopes save your money. Check the trichomes on the calyxes not the sugar leaves of the buds. The main cola ripens a bit faster than the lower buds. some people harvest that first then wait 4,5,6, days later to harvest the rest. If you like a head high you can take them when they are 1/2 cloudy, milky with a few ambers here and there. If you want a body/couch lock high you should wait until you have mostly milky and 15% ambers. The catch is not all strains will amber up in the same way. seeing that in week 9 you still had white pistils on your buds I'd say your in the first part of the harvest window if you still see a lot of trichomes that look like clear plastic bottles they aren't ready. If your getting toward the middle of the harvest window you will see a mix clear,half/cloudy, milky. If your near the end you'll see 1/2 cloudy,milky, 15-30 % amber. Keep in mind the trichome will still ripen a bit over the next several days it takes to dry them. Personally I like to take them when I see a nice 5% ambers because I get the best of both worlds. Just a guess I would say day 70 ,75, 77 would be good you can try harvesting different parts of her then see which one you like better next time you grow the strain. Happy smoking my friend.