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Frosty_farm started grow question 3 years ago
When is the best time to harvest? I'm getting a bunch of different answers, some say trichomes should be 50% amber and 50% milky. Some go by the leaves and some go by the calyx.
Blue dreamatic
13 weeks
Blue dreamatic Frosty_farm
Blue Dream Auto
28 comments · 3 years ago
Week 11
Techniques. Defoliation
Kush420 answered grow question 2 years ago
Hello! To get a first impression on the maturation of the plant you can look at the buds and see the color of the pistils but be careful because the pistils also change color for other reasons such as stress and you can't trust them very much. The true indicator of maturation is the trichoma based on the coloring and also the shape you can really realize at what point of maturation the plant has reached ... A tip observes the trichomes at various points of the plant even in the parts less illuminated or distant from the light and when a good part of them (about 50%) is amber in color you can also collect the more amber in color the more the sofa effect is recommended for the Indica instead the more they are milk and slightly amber colored the more you will have an energizing effect recommended for the Sativa. Better to wait an extra week to mature even the most internal and least exposed flowers and to have more loaded flowers! I hope I have been of help! Happy Growing!
Fruitgrower answered grow question 3 years ago
Exactly as marc said.

I can see in your week 11 photos only a couple of Ambers. So maybe 10 % if that.
Are you trich shots of the same or different areas?
I would like to see some week 12 shots of trichomes :grin:. I would harvest in a few days, 3/6 perhaps.
MarcXL answered grow question 3 years ago
Best thing ist to go by Trichomes, they tell you exactly what you can expect. Mostly cloudy give you more high, 50% cloudy 50% amber give you a mix of high and stoned.
You can say, the more cloudy the more high you get, the more amber, the more stoned you get.
Some strains develop nearly no ambers, then it´s harvest time when the leaves have turned yellow / brown.