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EzAutoGrow started grow question 3 years ago
I've been having a white fuzzy mold on the top of the soil, I assume this is due to the fungus in the soil since I am using organics. But my question is: is this a positive or negative?
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MarcXL answered grow question 3 years ago
If you use mykorrhiza or something like that, living organics for example, you´ll be fine. That only shows they are working properly. They should be gone when the soil is drying. If not, you maybe give them less water as they dont like it soaking wet all the time. Dont let them dry out but make sure that the soil isnt wet all the time.
Fruitgrower answered grow question 3 years ago
If you use something like blood fish and bone powder to fertilise your plants /soil or can sometimes look like fuzzy white mould, I had these on some of my outdoor plants
GreenHouseLab answered grow question 3 years ago
I would have more questions to give you a proper answer but if the soil is constantly moist than that's most likely mold and means you are watering too frequently. Other thing may be lack of ventilation/air circulation. Keep in mind soil doesn't leave much breathing room for your roots therefore the wet/dry cycle is crucial. Let your soil dry up, mix the top soil and try to water more frequently but less water to simply keep the soil moist and not wet. Good luck with your grow ;)
Hellishjam answered grow question 3 years ago
Usually mold is from over watering and damp conditions I use certified Organics and don’t have any moulds growing. I’d cut back on how much you water and get some good air flow down around the soil. This could end up being a problem down the road
GvXThC answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi Buddy. Mold isn't harmful by itself but you must check your watering practices and/or ventilation. Those molds appear when soil is moist for too much time or growing room is poorly ventilated.

I hope it was useful.

Keep on Growing!
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there EZ, i use organics too including beneficial microbes and what i can see in your pics is the downward pointing tips on the leafs, that's an early sign of some sort of root problems. What you want to do is cleanse your soil and break down the problem roots both of which will provide nutrients to your plant through a process called chelation. So to get rid of that fuzz use something organic like enzymes or amino acids and if you want to add beneficial microbes look for bacilus subtils (BS) bacilus trychoderma (BT) , BT israelis, and mycorrhiza . Adding enzymes or another chelation to your feed will have pretty much immediate effects so do it twice in a row then once every ten days for the remainder of your grow. Hope this helps ! :rocket: