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Sweetspot88 started grow question 3 years ago
Hey fellow growers I’ve got a set of leaves that I’ll upload now any ideas what it is it’s only one plant that has a slight lighter colour between the leaves veins. Any advice would be great.
Ps didn’t know what category to put it under
Gorilla zskittles first grow
19 weeks
Gorilla zskittles first grow Sweetspot88
Gorilla Zkittlez
12 comments · 2 years ago
Week 4
Leaves. Veins - stay green
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there SweetSpot, you've got the start of a magnesium deficiency, you can tell from the yellowing between the veins of the the oldest leafs first . If it gets worse you'll see the sides of the leafs start to discolor and burn. Nothing easier to fix : just add cal mag to the feed and consider making a foliar spray with cal mag and fish mix and spraying that twice a week. Do this and the problem should stop spreading within a few days and the plant should completely recover within 10 days. Basically some plants just have phenos that eat more mag or it could be that using two different additives (root juice and fish mix) is simply a bit too much for this more sensitive pheno . Hope this helps ! :rocket:
DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
@Sweetspot88 Hi mate it could be needing some zinc or even Cal mag Hope this helps