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GrowingNBlowin started grow question 4 years ago
When should I start flushing? How long should I continue to feed? My plants look like they might have 2 or 3 weeks left (the Auto Kush plants), but as a noob I'm not sure. Any opinions? Also my Green Crack Auto doesn't seem to be fattening up its buds, is it my set up?
Week 8
Techniques. Defoliation
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
You are growing in coco, so you should start flushing 1 week before harvesting. You can understand when the time is getting close when the trichromes on your plants are mostly cloudy/whity.(not all the strains, but for this one is the best moment)
So you should stop feeding her now, cause i see your tri are very nice.
So just water...
why you're buds are not fatting up? I think the biggest problems is the wattage you're giving to her...more W more colas :)
The next time with just a better lamp you can really do better! btw is very good looking :)
good luck buddy!